Thank you for supporting charity: water and Global Experiences

Over the past month, Global Experiences has been supporting charity: water to help bring fresh water to the people of Orissa, India. We have been collecting all of our $50 application fees for the month of September to donate to the charity.We are proud to say that we have collected $2,900 in application fees and will be donating an extra $100 to hit our goal of $3,000!

See why Global Experiences got involved with charity: water Thank you for helping Global Experiences and charity: water bring fresh water to villages in India.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and for those who have applied for one of our international internships. Not only are you trusting Global Experiences to help provide you with a meaningful and career enhancing internship experience, but you are helping 100 villages in India have better living conditions.

According to the charity: water website $45 can bring fresh water to one person in Orissa, and $450 can bring clean water to an entire family. That means, with your applications we are changing the lives of over 66 people or 6 families in India. Not only are we impacting the lives of 66 people, but access to clean water in a village can eliminate exclusion of certain castes of people, give women and children more opportunities to attend school, and can help improve the local economy.

Thank you for your support of our mission to provide customized international internships to help students discover new cultures and career paths while also bringing positive life-changing solutions to villages in Orissa.

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