Sydney Summer Internship 2012

Hey guys,

Just started my second week here in Sydney and thought I'd share a little about my experience.  When I first signed up for Global Experiences, I had no idea what to expect.  I wasn't even sure which type of internship that I wanted to do or even where I wanted to do it.  I'm studying marketing so I figured I would see what my options were and Sydney sounded the most interesting.

After I found out that I got a marketing internship in Sydney, I started doing some serious research.  I looked up weather, everyday prices of goods and services, and did a lot of cultural research.  I wanted to be slightly aware of my surroundings so I didn't feel so lost the entire time.  However, I learned a long time ago never to take expectations too seriously because nothing is ever what you think it's going to be.  So I decided to wing it and just go to Australia and learn as I go, and it worked out pretty well.

Moving to a new city is always bound to be overwhelming so I just tried to stay open minded and tried to learn as fast as possible.  Leaving the airport on the train was pretty intimidating, but I really wanted to learn how to get around without spending tons of money on a taxi.  After wandering around for entirely too long I finally found my living accommodations.  As expected, Sydney was nothing like I thought it was going to be.  The people are extremely friendly and are not too different from Americans and the city itself is incredibly clean.

It rained the entire first week... it was still really cool though.  Everyone in the group was really easy to get along with and figuring out my daily routine wasn't so bad.  My job is incredible.  I have so much freedom and have the ability to work on whatever projects I want.  I work in the coolest part of the city in Manly Beach and get to take a ferry ride past the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge every day.  I also get to work with another intern so its nice to have someone to talk to if I'm having a problem at work.  I have to admit, the job was pretty overwhelming at first and I felt like I had a million things to do all at once, but the second week was a lot more relaxed.

So far I've gotten to experience really amazing things.  The Taronga zoo was really awesome, I got to go to a Wallabies rugby game (Australia vs. Wales... we won!), and went to Bondi Beach which was really cool.  During the 2nd week of July I'm traveling to Cairns with the rest of the group which should be really fun.  Now that I'm getting into a routine and feeling more comfortable, its a lot easier to enjoy the city and the people around me.


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