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Back with an update,


So I'm more than halfway through with my internship in Sydney and with just a few weeks left I'm starting to reflect on what I've experienced here.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and feel that I've already learned so much about other cultures as well as my own.  This is the longest I have ever lived in another country and I don't think I want to leave.  Enough of that.... I'm gonna tell you a little about what I've been up to.

Work has been great.  I've been working on some really cool projects that I would never have expected before coming here.  I've been doing a lot of event planning or upcoming festivals such as the Australian Open Surfing, the Crave Sydney Food and Wine Festival, and some other cool projects.  I've been able to start an event from scratch by researching logistics, creating briefs, press releases, and working with local businesses to get them involved.  In the next week or two I'm going to be on set filming the new 'MyManly' video for the tourist website and have been working on social media to promote the previous one.  One scene that I thought of is even going to be featured in the video so I'm really excited.  Working in an amazing beach town like Manly is a dream come true.  If I'm bored, or need some fresh air I can just walk along the beach front and check out the hundreds of surfers on the beautiful coast line.  My boss even gave the other intern and I free surf lessons which was really awesome.  I feel like I'm constantly learning and building experience which is definitely going to help me in the job search after I graduate.

Other than work, life in Sydney is truly life changing.  There are so many cool areas to explore within the city as well as the outskirts.  There seems to be a place for each type of person whether you like to go on a pub crawl and try all the local beers or if want to experience the arts and culture of Sydney.  Last weekend I took a ferry to Cockatoo Island for a contemporary art exhibit that is featured on an island that once was a massive prison and industrial wasteland which was really creepy yet interesting.  I just got back from a vacation within a vacation with the other interns in Port Douglas and Cairns.  I could try and tell you how amazing these places are, but my words wouldn't do them justice.  I took a massive catamaran out to the low isles where Steve Irwin was killed (exact spot) and went snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef with some cool fish and sea turtles.  The next day we rented some cars and drove (the left side of the road takes some getting used to)  to Daintree to check out where the rainforest meets the beach which was incredible.  The last night we spent in Cairns which is known for their wild parties and I'd say the town lived up to its reputation.

There is just so much to do and see in this city that its frustrating that I only have 8 weeks here.  I'm almost done and there's still a thousand things that I want to do, but everything I've done so far has been remarkable.  I know that other internships in other countries must be awesome, but Sydney is the place to be.


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