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Annapolis, MD - July 23, 2010 – Salisbury University Alumni Association presented this year’s Young Alumni Achievement Award to Global Experiences Co-Founder, Stephen Reilly during spring commencement on May 21, 2010.

The Young Alumni Achievement Award 

The Young Alumni Achievement Award is presented to a Salisbury University alumni under the age of 40 in recognition of a commitment to excellence in post-collegiate life and a significant commitment to extraordinary work, research, or volunteerism. Stephen Reilly was presented with the award by the Alumni Association President, Robert Schultheis.
“I am honored and humbled to receive the Young Alumni Achievement Award from my alma mater. I loved going to school at Salisbury and still speak often of my time there. I have been fortunate to see and do many exciting things since graduating thanks in large measure to the doors that Salisbury and my education opened for me. This award is especially meaningful given that it recognizes many years of hard work creating an organization that now opens doors for over 500 people annually to live, study and work abroad. We aim to inspire them to be extraordinary and push themselves to achieve, much like Salisbury did for me.”
Stephen Reilly co-founded Global Experiences in 2001. Global Experiences is now the premier provider of international internships. Reilly, having lived, studied and worked abroad for many years decided to start the company to help young people experience the world.

Fullbright Scholarship 

Reily's time abroad began when he was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship to Sweden in 1998. The Fulbright Scholarship is given to individuals who demonstrate a high level of academic and leadership potential. Much like Global Experiences, the Fulbright program is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries.
Reilly also interned at the White House in 1996 in the media affairs office. His extensive global academic, travel, and professional experiences bring invaluable guidance and insight to Global Experiences as a whole.
“The Fulbright Scholarship, my time at the White House and my international travels have shown me how vitally important it is that young people experience the world and enrich their lives. Today even more so, because of the competitive job market and globalization every student should have the opportunity to experience some of what I have and my hope is that the company that I founded will make this a reality for more and more students each year.”
Global Experiences will continue to grow, offer more and unique international education and professional development programs. The company is continually looking for ways to innovate and provide amazing experiences for young people abroad. To learn more about Global Experiences and the opportunities offered, please visit the company website at

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