Global Experiences Emergency Response and Safety Protocol - June 2017

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Due to the events in London this past weekend, we wanted to send a message to our larger Global Experiences family to reinforce our dedication to safe travel & communication. While there are potential risks in every major city, at home or abroad, the health, safety, and security of all of our participants is our priority.
In 2015, Global Experiences’ developed a robust Program Preparedness and Response Plan (GE Blue Book) with input from Arizona State University. This plan is used by all staff in all locations to manage a wide range of situations including the ones over the weekend in London. Built around continually revised and updated resource manuals and related team training, we are always improving and refining to ensure readiness across the world. 

Our head office and onsite teams remain in constant communication; we do not stop working until all our participants are accounted for and safe. Our commitment to you is information, communication and responsiveness.

To better account for the safety of all our participants, we encourage everyone to please follow these steps in the event of emergency:

All: Follow @internabroad and #GEAlerts on Twitter for updated information

For Interns: Please contact your Location Coordinator to confirm your safety and whereabouts

For Parents: If there’s been no response from Global Experiences, your child’s Location Coordinator, or your child, please call our Emergency Hot Line: 1-800-798-0576 to speak with the GE Staff Member on call

While we cannot prevent these kinds of attacks from happening domestically or abroad, we can all follow best practices for safety while travelling. For all US Citizens, Global Experiences registers interns with the United States STEP Program to receive email notifications and alerts if a situation develops in the host city. We encourage all non-US Students to register with their government’s safety communications network.

To inform our staff of any travel outside the host city, all participants are now required to complete a quick form, prior to travel, so GE can account for the whereabouts of all interns.

During onsite orientation, Location Coordinators (and 24/7 emergency contact) will review the emergency response plan (where to go, who to call, etc.) as well as local resources. It’s required all students bring an unlocked smartphone and obtain a local phone number, and share that number with onsite staff, while living in their host city so that our onsite staff can call directly in case of emergency.

Finally, it's important to mention, we are a team of world travelers ourselves. We are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, husbands and wives, and we understand the concerns and challenges we all face in today’s world. It is our shared belief that traveling abroad creates cultural understanding and bridges the gap between different groups of people. It offers invaluable perspective and promotes peace among countries.

We look forward to working with all who seek to travel and gain invaluable professional experiences.

The Global Experiences Team

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