Public Relations Internship | Job Well Done

Nicole Pelino's public relations internship supervisors in London this summer have recognized her hard work on their personal blog. Check out the 5 things Stature PR has to say about Nicole.

  • Her beautifully coiffed Farrah Fawcett locks gives us daily hair envy.

    Nicole interning Public Relations Nicole at her public relations internship

  • She always has room for a Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo chocolate bar every day on her own (the large, sharing variety at that)
  • When asked to join the team for a Friday post-work drink, she turned us down as she didn't want to give us the wrong impression. She was soon plied out of her American politeness.
  • Really understands the importance of presentation. You just need to glance at her work to see the care and attention she has put in – she’s a natural.
  • The fact that she put all us Brits to shame by being the only one to guess the name of the royal baby correctly.

Want more information about interning in London? Click here! See Stature PR's blog here.

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