Packing For Study Abroad by Bobbie Watson: Part 2

This blog is copied with permission from When in Florence. For the original, click here. Bobbie is a Global Experiences Spring participant living and interning in 
Florence, Italy

Here is part 2 of her packing guide. Part 1 is here.

Things I Am Glad I Packed..

1. Leggings and Tights – Again, it is cold here. Sometimes I will wear two pairs of leggings or I will put a pair of tights on under my jeans. Works wonders. Plus, they don’t take up nearly as much room as jeans do.

2. Leg Warmers - This may sound silly, but they work very well and they allow me to wear dresses with tights for my internship without freezing.

3. Scarves – Not only are they warm, but they can really liven up an outfit and expand your wardrobe.

Unknown-24. Extra Rechargeable Camera Batteries – My camera (Canon SX260) is amazing, but when I turn the GPS on it kills my battery. There is nothing worse than being on a day trip with a dead camera battery.

5. A Waterproof Coat – Big wool coats are great until it starts pouring down rain. Then you’re just wet, cold, and miserable. I brought a coat that has a liner you can take out and wear by itself. It has been great because it acts as a winter coat, a light raincoat, and a zip up fleece.

6. Copies of My Passport – They want a copy of your passport for everything here; I needed one for my landlord, my school, my internship, a company booking a flight for me, and to get a SIM card for my phone. Plus, it’s much safer to carry copies than the actual thing, because if it is stolen you will be in a very bad situation.

Some Things I Wish I Had Packed..

images-51. Coffee Thermos – Drinking a cup of coffee while you’re running to work is an American thing. The Italians prefer to stop and enjoy their caffè, which is great unless you’re not used to factoring that extra time into your morning and can’t for the life of you make it out the door 15 minutes early to do that. To go cups are very hard to find, and if you do find one, it would be considered a child’s serving in the US. If you enjoy sipping coffee on your way to work, bring a thermos. I haven’t even been able to find one here to buy.

Unknown-12. Refillable Travel Sized Bottles - If you go on any flight within Europe where you won’t be checking a bag, you have to make sure the liquids you are taking comply with the flying regulations. It was very unnerving traveling to Paris with no way to pack shampoo, lotion, etc.

3. Tennis Shoes – I was so concerned with getting three pairs of boots and flats here that I forgot to pack a pair of tennis shoes. Although people don’t really wear them here, if you plan on working out or playing a game of soccer you’ll definitely need them.

4. Rain Boots – I've ruined two pairs of boots by wearing them in the rain here. Rain boots are a pain to pack, but they might be nice to have. If you don’t want to pack them, get a pair when you land.

The best advice I was given when I found out I was coming here: Don’t try to pack your life in a suitcase; but pack enough of you to start a new one. 

Did I miss anything? Leave us a comment and let me know!

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