New Yorkers Do Not Stop

Penn State rising junior Alexis Young is keeping a blog about her New York summer internship experience. Check back for regular posts. Thanks for being a featured blogger Alexis!

Day 3: Today was the day. It was 3pm. A few hours after eating lunch. After three trips down and back 7th avenue. During the photo shoot for Jill Zarin’s new jewelry collection (previously from The Real Housewives of New York City on BRAVO TV)… it hit me. New York hit me.

New York, it didn’t take you three full days for you to wear me down. I was really doubting my ability to last in this exhausting city. If you have downtime, you are a rare and precious gem that everyone stares at in awe. Or maybe it’s just me staring at you. Either way, today was the day that the insane, ridiculous, tiring (insert any adjective, really) New York lifestyle hit me.

My roommate, Celeste, and I are laughing before I left for work because we both felt so exhausted that getting ready in the morning was particularly hilarious today. AND we match. LOFT black pencil skirt. Urban Outfitters button up. (trusty!) J. Crew Flats. Forever 21 earrings. Marc Jacobs black leather watch.

I knew I had two options this afternoon. The same two options I had when I woke up exhausted. You either go or stop. stop or go. But when you work in the creative industry you realize your motive to keep going is not because you have to. It never is. And any artists out there, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You reach a breaking point, and then you stop, breathe, and look around at what you are doing.

I was sitting at my desk. Exhausted from racing around for Jill Zarin and her team. In the background I can hear Marshall’s camera flashing and talk about angles, lighting, and styling. Behind me Maria (another photographer) is quietly editing her own photos. Here I am staring at a computer screen full of beautiful images from different photographers that I am researching for Marshall. I kept going because I realized that I love what I do, despite being hit by moments of exhaustion. Can you say the same?

I wish I loved grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, and working out as much as I loved being a designer…you win some, you lose some. (And in case any Real Housewives fans are reading, yes, Jill is exactly the same in person as she is on TV. Beautiful woman. Beautiful, belting voice that I can still hear several hours later… Time to go back to work… because that’s what New Yorkers do.

Passing through Madison Square Garden on the walk home. It’s the little things.
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