New Yorkers Do Not Stand On Sidewalks

Penn State rising junior Alexis Young is keeping a blog about her New York summer internship experience. Check back for regular posts. Thanks for being a featured blogger Alexis!

Day 1? Already done? Last time I checked, move-in day was far in the distance and I was highly doubting my ability to adapt to the city that I’ve always dreamed of…and honestly, been terrified of.

Here I am, and I’m doing it big… in a penthouse of course. No, I don’t live in one, but after one day I can already tell that I will spend the majority of my time in the penthouse that houses the studio of my photography internship. Two photographers. Two designers. One dog. Pure, blissful harmony (or madness) up in a penthouse located Chelsea, New York City.

People always question why I am an art major. Here’s my answer: because my job will always be so much cooler than yours. Sorry, not sorry. I walked into my boss Marshall’s studio and was greeted by his adorable pug running to the door and Pandora surround sound bouncing off the wood floors. Straight ahead, past the setup of photography equipment, is an open door leading to the rooftop patio. Am I dreaming? No. This is my internship. This is why I am an art major.

Macs galore, huge drawing tablets, whiteboards, cameras and a pup. What more could an artist ask for? During my first day, Marshall booked a shoot for AOL and the chaos began. We are shooting for AOL tomorrow afternoon and they needed us to design their entire set. Who knew you could hire models for just PARTS of their body rather than their whole figure? It's mind blowing, really.

The best, and frankly most fitting, way to explain my internship is through photos. I will be sure to snap some tomorrow during the shoot so you can fully visualize (and be jealous of) our workspace! In the meantime, check out Marshall’s website:

5 Things I have learned about New York City:

  1. New Yorkers never stand on sidewalks at crosswalks. You must step out into the road and look like you urgently need to get somewhere.
  2. New Yorkers are actually very friendly and love helping lost people (like myself!)
  3. Move here if you want to stay thin. Trust me, you do enough walking.
  4. If you don’t have a smart phone, may the force be with you. Thank you SO MUCH, Steve Jobs.
  5. You are either trendy or chic, maybe both, but if you are neither, you certainly stand out.

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