New Yorkers Do Not Make Eye Contact

Penn State rising junior Alexis Young is keeping a blog about her New York summer internship experience. Check back for regular posts. Thanks for being a featured blogger Alexis!

Day 2: I had every intention of starting off today with a nice run, but then my body mysteriously turned off my alarm mid-sleep this morning… SO WEIRD, right? Well, I managed to get the run in, but I didn’t know that my run it would involve Halloween stores and Whole Foods.

Talking about my internship would be impossible without talking about the woman behind the scenes, the woman who keeps the studio runningvand the woman who I will start referring to as “Superwoman." Her name: Julia Troy. Her occupation: On her business card, it says “Studio Manager," but that doesn’t tell even the half of it. Julia is a trained Industrial Designer, a newly discovered Fashion Stylist, and part Graphic Designer, Advertising Manager and Studio Manager. Julia’s life consists of running to complete different errands, and today I got to follow her as we prepared for the afternoon’s photo shoot.

This running would not have been possible without smartphones, Google, and subways. Thank you, thank you,  THANK YOU technology. I should also take this time to thank some fabulous apparel stores. Thank you J. Crew for making fabulous walking shoes that got me throughout the day blister free! Thank you Urban Outfitters for making white dresses that don’t turn see-through in the rain!

After a long day of running in the rain, I purchased the J. Crew flats. A little pricey? Yes. But absolutely a great investment.
So, despite my “Kourtney Kardashian” bun making me look bald/like a little boy…This outfit was great to run around the city in. Levi jean jacket. Urban Outfitters dress. J. Crew flats. Marc Jacobs watch. Anthropologie BOW earrings (I LOVE BOWS!). And yes, I am eating Cheerios from a solo cup. So college.

The photo shoot, despite a whirlwind (and downpour) of a morning, went really well! The running paid off and we were able to acquire all the props we needed for the shoot. It was the first time I’ve ever been on set, and I think I actually jumped when the first flash went off. Yup, embarrassing moment number…eh, 50? At least I didn’t have to pretend like I know how to use chopsticks today... that was amusing.

Marshall. The man, the myth, the legend… “Suki” the pug and superwoman.

More photo shoots, inspiration boards, client research and design layouts due later this week! The running has just begun. Get ready feet. You ran the Boston Marathon, surely you can handle New York City in some pretty flats… I’ll keep telling myself that…

5 Things I have learned about New York City:
1. Never make eye contact, with anyone, while walking on the streets of New York City. It just makes everything more complicated.
2.  “Thank you” “you’re welcome” and “excuse me” are all foreign sayings and immediately make you stand out as a tourist.
3. Harlem is still slightly shady… and in case anyone was wondering, yes, men DO in fact bark at women. That is true in real life.
4. Small businesses and freelance artists run New York City.
5. Subway cleaners are the most friendly type of men I have met thus far. Thank goodness for them.

Last but not least, my fashion inspiration that i stumbled upon today: Ann Taylor Loft, you are capturing my heart little by little. The only con about this outfit is that I don’t think those shoes would last in NYC… but then again, not many shoes do.
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