New week in Florence!

Day 6

On Saturday, I went to Sienna and San Gimignano with the language school. I went with my group of friends from Global Experiences, and lots of people from Brazil, whom now I also call friends. Brazil was pretty cool as it had beautiful cities,  but unfortunately, it was sooooooooo cold. We got there and stood at this overlook point and listened to our tour guide talk... and talk….and talk. He had good intentions but he only spoke in Italian. I would pick up a few words here and there but, mostly, I stared odd into space, trying not to think about how my toes were turning into ice cubes. We visited the main tourists spots there, mostly churches and piazze (big open spaces/plazas). They were all so gorgeous. Everything was so detailed and had a sense of flow to it. When we had some free time, we got pizza and sat in the huge piazza soaking up some sun to defrost from the cold weather.

We got back on the bus and headed to San Gimignano. We got off the bus, I picked a flower because they are irresistable not to seize, and walked to another piazza. A few people and I were actually lagging behind, so we lost the group for a bit. On our way to finding everyone else, we passed several stores. One was a museum of torture. They are everywhere for some reason. I guess it’s the thing to do in Italy? Going to the museum or being tortured... It’s up in the air. Once we found the group we went into another church, it was unsurprisingly lovely. I found myself in a little group, just chatting away, only to break when getting hushed by the security. Finally, we had free time and went with some friends for gelato. On the ride home, I slept the whole way to some of the Brazilians singing.

Day 7

I woke up on Sunday to feeling like crap. My nose was running, throat sore, and limbs tired. But I had to get out of bed to go to Ikea. I was in desperate need of a new pillow and blanket. We took the bus there, which was thankfully free! We arrived 20 minutes later at Ikea and it was a mad house. I have never seen a store such as Ikea so busy. We made our rounds, and I found myself a pillow, mini pillow and a fleece blanket all for around 20 euros. I was quite pleased. When we got back into town, we went to a new favorite restuarant of ours, "There is a Difference." I ordered bread soup, fruit salad, and hot coco. It really hit the spot.

Day 8

Monday was pretty boring. Since I was sick, I really didn't do anything. I went to class, went to the pharmacy to get some cold medicine, then went home where I watched some shows and then went to bed. I was just feeling horrible the whole day. I was tired, achy and my nose was driving me crazy. My head was just pounding all day. So rest was quite welcome when I got it. Class was, as always, good. Actually, the class for the whole week was good. We learned more irregular and regular present tense words.

Day 9

Wow. Sitting here thinking back on what I did on Tuesday, I really cannot remember. I know I went to class. I bet since I was still sick I came home and passed out, but If I remember what I did, I will write a side note on another blog update.

Day 10

WEDNESDAY! Well, this was quite the day. I went to class, went on a field trip to the train station to find things and then, after class, went to McDonald's for lunch. Yes, I went to McDonalds for lunch in Florence. It was crazy expensive though! After I went home and napped (which I have been doing everyday this week), I had some pasta for dinner and then got ready to go to the club YAB! I went with a bunch of new and old friends I made here. We arrived early, so we went to the Old Stove for some drinks. By this time there was a line, but for some (awesome) reason, we got to skip the whole line. I checked my coat (which was supposed to be 3 euros to check in and an additional 1 euro for entrance) and got a “complimentary” drink and just danced the night away! I looked down at my cell phone at one point and saw it was 3am. The club was still going strong , but we all decided it was time to go home. This is where it got annoying. This place lied! When I went to pay (everything was put onto a card that got scanned at the end of the night) my total came to 16 euro. This was BS! 1 euro entrance + 3 euro coat check + free first drink= 4 euro. Well, that didn’t happen, so I had to ask around to find more money since I only brought enough for my entrance and the coat checking fee.

Day 11

There was this trip to the Uffizi museum I was planning on taking and I got a call 10 mins past the time I was supposed to be at the meeting spot. I said I would run there. I got down my street and forgot my phone, so I decided just to turn around and call them and be like "nah, nevermind" don’t wait for me. I was way to tired to run across Florence. When I called, they said they had  left already and to just meet them there. I looked at the map and saw it was pretty close. I decided to run there... again. I actually beat the group there, but I was dead tired. I love the museum, but between being tired, and the same tour guide (SURPRISE!) talking in Italian about each piece for 15 mins each, I really just wanted to be in bed. We only made it through half of the museum and then decided to get some pizza. It was decided during this dinner that I was going to go visit my new friends in Brazil this summer, so I was quite excited. It was also was decided they will visit me at some point in the United States and, since I live dead middle between Boston and New York City, I would bring them there.

Day 12

I literally almost fell asleep in class, but least I went. Learned some past tense uses. I'm pretty sure I don’t remember anything I wrote down though. After class, I came home to take a nap (shocker, right?) and now I'm updating my blog. Tonight I am going to a home cooked meal at a friend's apartment which I'm excited for. Time for some dinner :)

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