My 1st Rodeo as a Location Coordinator

GE Paris Location Coordinator Carolyn gives us her two cents about her current students, and the opportunities of travel and being a part of the GE family.

A man is but the product of his thought, what he thinks, he becomes. –Mahatma Gandhi

I never thought I would be a Parisian, but I sure did dream of it and somehow I goofily stumbled upon the luck of actually becoming it! And just when I thought the dream couldn't get any better, I was awarded (yes, I consider it an award) the position of a Location Coordinator with a program that not only helps others with their international dreams but is also a great tool for students’ career aspirations.

I’m from Texas, Houston to be exact, and every year we strap on our boots and put on our cute “country” outfits (more Carrie Underwood now as opposed to Winona Judd 20 yrs ago) and welcome in the cattle drive and the chili cook off that kicks off Rodeo Season. It doesn't matter who you are or even where you came from, if you’re in Houston, EVERYBODY celebrates the Rodeo which is a huge source of big scholarships. A bit stereotypical, yes, but in the end, these are young men who realized their dream of becoming cowboys. This is kind of how I feel about my interns here in Paris. It doesn't matter where they came from or who they are, but they all are here with that adventurous spirit and the tenacity to try to become the product of their thoughts or dreams.This may be my first “rodeo” with Global Experiences but I've had the opportunity to work with three amazing interns who I can’t rave enough about. They are all competent, hard-working, resilient, impressive, adaptable, intelligent, resourceful, fun and just outright outstanding people who have taught me a few things through this process and I’m looking forward to the interns to come! Now that the end is drawing near I’m quite honored to have been a part of their experience here and I can’t wait to see what big things they have in store for them and how their time here in Paris will help shape their futures. Actually, this goes for all of our interns who took that leap to live abroad!

Also, for some ideas on how to use your own personal international experience to further your career, here is a great article:


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