A Letter from Global Experiences' CEO

Emily Merson

Global Experiences is excited to join Hubspot in making a big difference this September through a partnership with charity: water. We will be raising money to provide clean water to villages in India. I was at the Inbound Marketing Conference in Boston this past week and was inspired by the stories I heard. I was reminded just how much the water access in India specifically impacts the female population. Collecting water in poor villages can take many hours of the day and this role falls almost exclusively to women and young girls. Many of the women spend their days traveling to and from water sources instead of attending school, which ultimately denies them future opportunities to live a life out of poverty. Providing clean water access in each house is key to also providing a future to half the world’s poor girls.

Education for women and girls is an issue I became passionate about as a teenager when I was lucky enough to attend an all-girls school in Sydney, Australia.  Through my studies in international relations and environmental security, it became clear that a future without poverty and war will only be possible if women are empowered through education and economic independence.

Providing opportunities is something we do every day at Global Experiences. I believe that providing otherwise inaccessible experiences and global education will make the world a more peaceful and cooperative place.  Coincidentally, over 80% of Global Experiences participants are young women and the women in our program can help better the lives of hundreds of impoverished young girls in India.

This month each of the $50 application fees that are submitted will be contributed directly to charity: water. It takes just $45 to provide a lifetime of safe drinking water for one person. Stay connected with us to see how much we raise and join us in this great initiative.

Emily (President and CEO)



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