How To Dress For Your Internship

Determining what to wear during an internship can be a little tricky because it all depends on the employer. However, here are some general tips on business casual attire that will hopefully help give you an idea on how to dress to impress.

What does business casual mean? In general, it can be understood as a slightly less formal version of dressing professionally. For example, in a business casual office you can wear dress pants and a nicer top, rather than being required to wear a full-on suit.

Tips for women:

1. Skirts and dresses are acceptable as long as the hem falls past the knees

  • Avoid low-cut dresses or those with high slits
  • Avoid dresses and skirts that are more skin-tight

2. Pants such as khakis, corduroy pants, linen pants or dress pants are recommended

  • Avoid:  Jeans, unless otherwise noted by your employer

3. Choose from a variety of shirts in styles and colors

  • Avoid: Low cut or revealing shirts
  • Avoid: Tank tops or tube tops (unless you have a jacket or sweater)

4. Wear footwear such as flats, heels, and nice sandals if allowed by your employer. Closed-toe shoes are always more formal and appropriate.

  • Avoid:  flip-flops and sneakers
  • Avoid: really tall or flashy heels

Tips for men:

1. Choose shirts with collars like button-downs in styles like plaid, oxford, or poplin. You can pair your shirt with a nice sweater or sweater vest, or a business jacket. For a more casual look pair a business coat with khakis.

  • Always tuck the shirt in and pair it with an appropriate dress belt
  • Avoid: Ties. They aren't needed for business causal unless otherwise noted by your employer

2. Wear pants styles such as khakis, dress pants, trousers and corduroy pants

  • Avoid: Jeans, unless otherwise noted by your employer
  • Avoid: Pants that are too short (the hem should hit at the top of your shoe or a little longer)

3. Wear formal leather closed-toe shoes like loafers or Oxford with dress socks

Remember, you need to speak with your employer about what the dress code is like in your office and wear outfits that represent you. You can visit our Pinterest page for more  fashion advice and internship tips!

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