Global Experiences Announces Green Initiative: Combating Climate Change

Kelly Holland


As we look ahead to 2020, Global Experiences has committed to a goal to be carbon neutral by 2025 in response to the overwhelming global climate crisis.

This groundbreaking green initiative is set to begin with our 2020 internship programs. Travel for all participants and staff will be neutralized through the purchasing of carbon credits in a variety of alternative energy, reforestation, and biodiversity projects in critical regions of the world.

Through research, we have learned that an international round trip flight is one of the biggest producers of carbon dioxide that a student may generate in one year and it is one of the biggest differences between an internship at home and an internship abroad.

According to Goal 13 on Climate Action from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, “global net CO2 emissions must drop by 45% between 2010 and 2030” in order to limit global warming.”

During the first year of this initiative, Global Experiences will also work to integrate additional materials to encourage participants to be aware of their impact on the environment including reducing their carbon footprint and ways to be more green while traveling and living abroad.

Global Experiences plans to develop and adapt green practices on an organizational level and will also bring their efforts to their global stakeholders including university partners, global host employers, and housing partners.

“Global Experiences was founded to make the world a better place, and we can no longer deliver on this vision without a serious commitment to protecting the environment and our children’s future,” states Emily Merson, Global Experiences founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to be moving towards a carbon-neutral organization and sharing this commitment with our participants.” 

"The time is now for all of us to take responsibility for the environmental impact of our industry, and we look forward to being part of a growing movement within the international education community," states Melissa Buerkett, Global Experiences’ Director of Partnerships.

Big steps, small footprints. The team at Global Experiences is excited to embark on this initiative from Annapolis to London to Sydney, and we look forward to sharing our progress!

Read the latest article from The PIE News: Global Experiences makes 2025 carbon neutral pledge.

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