Final Language Exam, Venice, & a False Start

Day 24

I went to class and we had our FINAL TEST! Oh man, this thing was harder than I thought. I seriously was sitting there reading and re-reading everything in Italian. During the test two friends finished quickly, so I was distracted by their chatter and kept looking up at them with a horrible disgusted look on my face. They could tell I was not enjoying this test at all, and they laughed, which made me laugh. I was soooo excited when I was done. One part of the test was opposites and few of them I could not remember for the life of me, so I decided to put “amore <3″ for each one I did not know. My teacher saw this and came over and helped me with one, the rest she just laughed at. Later in the night we all went to a closing dinner for the language school at this Brazilian restaurant.

Day 25

GOT THE TEST BACK. So I actually did very well! My teacher said I know how to speak and understand Italian more then I give myself credit for, and also that I am using grammar skills well beyond my level. I am guessing the previous study of Spanish has something to do with that, and I know more than I thought I remembered. I could not keep the test but that’s okay. I have all my notes to learn more later on. That night was a going away dinner for my friend :/ It was such a sad night. When I had to say goodbye, it was really hard to hold back the tears, but then she said she will see me in July (in Brazil) so it made the walk home a little less depressing.

Day 27

Sunday in Venice! I was up around 6am to get myself ready for the trip to Venice. I had to walk to the train station to get our private bus there. On the bus we ended up passing snow covered mountains and it was so gorgeous! Of course they played "The Italian Job" on the bus (...because the 10 minutes in Venice totally made it an Italian movie...). We had to take a train into the city and it was alright -- snow on the seats though! Once we got to Venice, it was amazing. They were having carnival so we saw a bunch of people dressed up in costumes, ranging from weird to traditional. There was free food and wine on the streets too! Food was cold so I opted to have the cookies, which were amazing. After that we took a water taxi!! We were stopped by some policemen for some reason and had to sit on the water for a bit (wish it was warmer, would have gotten to enjoy it more). We went to the main square and  saw a demo of the Murano glass blowing and then did a little walking tour of the city. We had some free time so a bunch of us got some Nutella crepes and walked around a bit. I loved Venice; it was so nice!

Day 28

First day of the internship ? NOPE! I woke up early to write down some key phases and words, then walked to my internship. It is 1.5 miles away and I left at half past to arrive 5 minutes early. I thought I was golden! I had to communicate with the guard in Italian that I was the new intern. I guess I said my supervisor's name wrong because I ended up talking to some guy on the phone, but I told him I was there for costume design and then he understood who I needed to talk to. Eventually I was led to the tailor and, with poor my Italian skills, I found out that I could not start today because I have not been "signed off." I was then led to the main lady in charge of everything and she said they have another intern (who is staying a little longer and I will start when she finishes). Best part… I can sleep late tomorrow!

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