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Here at Global Experiences, we're incredibly excited about our recent partnership with charity: water for the month of September. charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. All of our program application fees in September will go directly to their September campaign to provide a better future to the rural area of Orissa, India.


As of September 13th, we have already collected $850 in application fees to donate to the people of Orissa. As stated by our CEO, Emily Merson, Global Experiences feels a strong connection to this organization.  We help students get a edge in their careers and help them build independence through international internships . Through the simple act of providing clean water, charity: water gives people in developing countries a sense a dignity and hope for a better future.

In Orissa, a caste system of social stratification is rampant even though it has been banned by the Indian government. The lowest rank of this social ladder is made up of Dalits, or the 'untouchables.'  These people are considered so inferior that they are denied their basic rights, including the right to use any clean water source the rest of their community use. Women and young girls are typically the ones who are responsible for gathering water for their families from other sources. They can spend up to 12 hours a day trekking rocky terrain to far away water supplies only to find an unsubstantial amount of murky, disease-ridden water. As a result, they and their family members fall ill, miss school, and can't continue to complete daily tasks needed to survive. Over 80% of diseases in rural areas are due to contaminated drinking water. This number can be drastically reduced with the help of organizations like charity: water and their partners.

Thank you for your support in our mission to provide students with life-changing travel and professional experiences, so that we can give back to our global community through the life-saving and world-changing works of organizations like charity: water.

Your $50 application fee will give clean water to one person in Orissa for life. Inquire today and you could help save a life.

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