2019: Canada's Year of International Education

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International education is thriving in Canada and Global Experiences is thrilled to be part of it.

We work hard to give university students and young professionals across Canada the chance to intern abroad. We continuously build upon partnerships with Canadian universities to share the value and accessibility of these experiential learning opportunities. Read on to see how 2019 is set to be one of the biggest years for international education in Canada.

2019: the year of international education

The Canadian province of Manitoba has kicked off 2019 by declaring it the year of international education.

“By proclaiming 2019 as the Year of International Education, we will promote our province as a global destination of choice for international students, researchers, workers and entrepreneurs to study, work, invest and live in,” said Minister of Education and Training Kelvin Goertzen at the official proclamation.

Canada is already celebrated for its diverse and international student population, and in 2019, that trend is set to continue.

Winnipeg is at the center of the international education industry, hosting significant conferences throughout the year. In February, Winnipeg hosted a Languages in Canada conference, and the city is set to host two more major conferences this year — the Canadian Association of Public School International in April and the Canadian Bureau for International Education in November.

The Manitoba Council for International Education said it was “extremely pleased” with the government’s continued commitment to international education. A report released in late 2017 showed that international education added $374 million to Manitoba’s economy in 2016 alone.

“International education enriches our province in many ways and helps Manitobans develop global networks, which create economic opportunities and respect for other cultures.”

Partnering with Canadian Universities

As the role of international education continues to grow, we’re dedicated to increasing our partnerships with universities in Canada. Excitedly, we recently started working with our first Canadian partner school Carleton University. This coming summer will be the first year Carleton and Global Experiences work together, but the interns are already excited about their upcoming adventures abroad.

"I am very excited to experience life in a different country! It’s been a goal of mine for some time now, and because of this program I finally get to achieve it. It is going to be a very beneficial experience that will help me to achieve future career goals and I can’t wait!" - Sydney L.

Washington DC Law Intern at her Internship

The Canadian government has focused heavily on “Work-Integrated Learning,” encouraging students to learn through a combination of academic and work-related activities. Carleton saw that international internships would be the perfect way for students to learn outside of the classroom. It was Carleton’s Bachelor of International Studies program which drove the launch of international internships at the university.

Carleton’s credit-bearing program using internship providers is unique to Canadian institutions. To help offset the price of the program, Carleton offers bursaries to students ensuring all students have the chance to experience an internship abroad. We’re excited to bring international internships to Carleton University students and students all across Canada.

Snapchat Takeovers

Following the same trajectory, the number of Canadian students we send to intern abroad continues to increase. In the last ten years we’ve doubled the number of Canadian students completing our international internship programs.

We love to give our interns the chance to show off a day in their lives. Two of our Canadian interns highlighted how much they loved their international internships with a Snapchat takeover.

Lizzie M’s video shows you a sunny day in Sydney, Australia. The Queen’s University student spent her fall internship at one of Australia’s most renowned theaters.

“I mean, I thought Canadians were friendly, but man Australians take it to an entirely different level. Every single person you meet is kinder than the next, and it feels like everyone has a genuine interest in who you are and where you come from. It's definitely nice to be in an environment that feels as friendly as home. It's also amazing to feel intimidated by being thrown into an entirely new culture as everyone here is so friendly.”

Aleiya C. spent her law internship in Washington D.C. The Carleton University student interned with the nation’s leading whistleblower protection and advocacy organization.

“Global Experiences is a great organization and allows you to meet great people from all around the world.”


At the end of every season we love to read our interns’ testimonials, and a few of our Canadian interns gave us some of the best reviews yet!

Florence intern visiting Cinque Terre“In summer 2016, I jetted off to Florence, Italy for a digital marketing internship that I landed through the amazing Global Experiences program. I wanted to be immersed in an entirely new culture for a prolonged period in order to broaden my worldview. I will have memories, stories, and friendships that will last a lifetime. [Interning abroad] was the best decision I could have ever made. I would jet across the world with GE in a heartbeat!”

- Kate T., Carleton University

“As an art history and museum fanatic, I was absolutely enthralled when I found out I was accepted into Global Experiences London intern program. I had the opportunity to intern at a museum, and it helped me determine exactly what I want out of my degree and future job. The staff was phenomenal, and I made lasting friendships with my colleagues. It was a jam-packed month full of work experience and real-world experience too. I wouldn't have done it any other way.”

- Marisa K., University of Toronto

“Being able to spend eight weeks living and working in a new city was an incredible experience. I had an amazing time making new friends and having new experiences. My internship gave me amazing opportunities to learn and grow and make new contacts that I'll hopefully have for a long time. My internship was so well suited to me and my interests; I had a really great time getting to know my team and really being involved in the work they do. I loved this experience so much!”

- Emma H., University of Toronto

“My internship was one of the best experience I’ve ever had, and I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. My internship placement could not have been better, and I am so grateful that I got placed where I did. Everyone was so welcoming and accommodating, and I really feel I gained valuable experience. If you’re hesitant on joining Global Experiences, I’d say just go for it with an open mind, and you will not regret it.”

- Sara J., Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Florence Intern from York University posing in front of the Duomo

“My three months in Florence was a dream true! My employers were very kind and made me feel that I was at home. My favorite part about this program was that every week we had scheduled events with GE interns and our internship advisor Rachel. She set up the best weekend excursions in cities all over Tuscany and organized amazing activities in Florence. Overall, the food, culture, beautiful scenery and amazing relationships I created along the way made this experience all the more wonderful!”

- Vanessa D., York University

We’re excited to see what the future holds for international education Canada, and to continue expanding our role. If you’re a student or university looking for opportunities abroad, then Global Experiences is the internship provider for you. We provide interns everything they need to have a life-changing experience abroad and make an impact on their career.

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