Bloggers Last Hoorah: The Diva Days are Done…For Now

Penn State rising junior Alexis Young is keeping a blog about her New York summer internship experience. Check back for regular posts. Thanks for being a featured blogger Alexis!

The last blog post from New York City. Just writing that sentence made my heart sink. The words didn’t come naturally. I don’t know when it’s gonna hit me that I’m actually leaving.

When describing what leaving New York would feel like I think I best explained it as the worst break up of all time. Like, some Romeo and Juliet kind of heart break. It’s like I’m getting broken up with, but I still have to hear about them on Twitter and Facebook and see everyone being tagged in photos with them. As any hopeful recently dumped girlfriend would say, I do have hopes we will get back together. So it’s like a, “I think it’s best we have some time apart.” We’ll be reunited as a dream team soon enough.

Then & Now:

1. Then: First day of work I thought New York was about being “Designer Saavy”. Now: Last day of work, wearing designer clothes means you are new to this city. Be trendy, you old maid.

2. Then: I didn’t know how to walk “the right way,” let alone what the difference was between a street and an avenue. Now: Walking around on a Saturday is like tourist torture. Always fake that you are directionally aware (but most of the time I think I am, now).

3. Then: Bows Now: Studs

4. Then: “I will wake up every morning at 6 am and work out and run outside, get some fresh air!” Now: First of all sweetheart, city air is disgusting. Second, working out? That’s funny. It’s called, walking, get used to it.

5. Then: Smiling to strangers. Now: Lipstick. Sunglasses. Never make eye contact if you know what’s good for you.

Jewelry (as expensive as a very nice car), dog attire, table settings, hotdogs & cupcakes, coughing men, handbags, portraits, photo booths, half-famous celebrities, “parts” models, bathing suits, and candy… I know I’m missing a ton, but I liked the humor in the variety here.

This city can change you… if you let it. But ,there are also a lot of people determined to change this city. Getting a sneak peak of that was a pure tease. Yes, this city changed my life. Yes, I am made for this city. No, there’s no stopping the work that’s been started. Until we meet again, Gotham… (If you don’t like Batman, I probably don’t like you)

Now, this post wouldn't quite be complete without a nice little list for my family, my happy little New York Family. Thank you Marshall, Julia, Maria, and Sienna for putting up with me and…

1. My consistent inability to be on time.
2. My horrible singing voice.
3. My severe ADD and always random comments.
4. My never ending questions.
5. My directionally challenged self.
6. My hair being all over the studio…long hair don’t care?..
7. My coffee and chocolate addiction.
8. For letting me call you Mom and Dad, in public, in front of clients, anywhere. For accepting me into your family so quickly. New York would be nothing without you. People always say, “don’t mix work and your personal life”…well, these people are my family, so, sorry I’m not sorry?

Fashionista, Over and Out.

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