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Liam Paddock

Liam P. came to Maryland to study and ended up working at Global Experiences. He helped Global Experiences expand the world and now lives in London.

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The Art of the Customized Internship

Liam Paddock | March.20.2015

An international internship has the potential to be brilliant – a mutually beneficial experience that allows both interns and organizations to grow. Interns are afforded priceless, hands-on work experience in a new culture while a company can gain an enthusiastic and talented employee who contributes valuable work for a summer, spring or fall. Of course, if an intern and company are a poor fit it can be rubbish! The experience becomes frustrating and outcomes are not worth the investment – for an intern or the employer. So, for the past 14 years, Global Experiences has been fine-tuning a customized placement process to maximize the international internship experience for everybody involved

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