Astrid Goes to NYC

Astrid is a journalism major from the University of Portsmouth and is completing an 8-week internship in New York City for an entertainment ticketing agency and online magazine. Below is an excerpt from her blog about her time interning in the Big Apple. 

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"Last Thursday was my first day of my internship. As most first jobs do, it started slowly, but picked up almost instantly!

At the end of my first day I was introduced to a lady named Kim. She handles the PR, marketing, branding and social media side of and when she found out about my experience in the field, along with my knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign etc. she wanted my help.

My internship has now developed into two parts. The first is my current work with my supervisor, Ross, contributing to the company's online magazine, which I thoroughly enjoy. The second part is being the ‘right-hand woman’ to Kim. Helping her and also assisting her when she comes to recruit interns of her own. I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect.

I am now not only having a great professional experience in New York City, but I am learning and developing my skills in every aspect of the field I one day wish to work in.

On the social side of things, today we went to Coney Island. The beach and sun was lovely, but a rather unusual mermaid parade was taking place so the placed was rammed!

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Tonight we are all just hanging out and then plan on doing something tomorrow for NYC Gay Pride! Right now my skin is raw red…oopsie.

Tomorrow morning I will be free for video calls if any of my beautiful friends wish to reserve a time slot. Until next time."


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