The Countdown Begins: 59 Days Until Sydney

I leave for Sydney in two months... in fact, as I write this piece, the official countdown is: 59 days, 47 minutes, 52.748 seconds until my flight leaves the United States and my journey to the other side of the world begins.

Upon deciding to participate in a Global Experiences internship, I was told, “Take the image you’ve created in your mind and throw it away.” Whoa. That sounds scary. As expectations formulate in my mind — I (try really hard to) throw them away! I am ready to be challenged, to be taken out of my comfort zone, and to soak up as much new knowledge as possible.

I have not even left yet and I am already learning things: I learned how and why to apply for a Visa. To acquire Australian dollars before I leave the States, I learned that (at my bank) I will need to order a pre-specified amount of money about a month in advance. Although it is Australia’s winter, I learned that temperatures will be between 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many interns do not confirm their internship placement until four to eight weeks before they leave.  However, a prominent fashion label became interested in me in the beginning of the year; I interviewed with the brand manager in February and got the job! Global Experiences does a great job at laying groundwork for their candidates. My host company already knew my name and background (by speaking with GE representatives) and had my resume and cover letter. I have enjoyed checking out my host company’s website and receiving weekly e-newsletters. I cannot wait to start my internship in June!

Here are some pieces from the line:

What I know about my host company:

· They do everything "in house," meaning: They create, sketch, design, sew, price, sell wholesale and retail, advertise, promote, etc.

· I will be able to learn anything I want (because everything is done in house!).

· I will be working with approximately 20 co-workers, including Lynette -- with whom I've already spoken on the phone.

· The designer is originally from San Francisco, but fell in love with Australia and moved there, where she started her line.

· and...that is it for now!

I cannot wait to arrive in Sydney and start my internship in June!

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