10 Things Every Intern Living Abroad Understands

There are many firsts during an international internship program. Having to pack up, move to a foreign country, and adjust to new and different circumstance comes with many thrills and many challenges. Here are a few things that every intern living abroad understands:

1. The first time you try to walk across the street:

hit by a bus

2. Deciding if you should write your professional emails in American English or British English:

emails in American English or British English

3. Ordering food in the native language for the first time:

Ordering food in native language

4. When you can't find that quintessential comfort food from home

Comfort food from home

But then you discover a new local favorite:

Express your feelings about food

5. Trying to text on your European phone


6. When you find a cheap flight


and then you learn about the luggage restrictions:

International Flights

7. The first time you come home from working a 9-5 internship:


8. How you feel when you go on free day trip with everyone on the program:

trip with everyone

9. When your employer gives you a compliment on your work:

compliment on your work

10. Leaving your host country after the internship ends:

compliment on your work

Interning abroad is awesome. You get to travel to new countries and cities, meet new friends, and add more experience to your resume. To learn more about international internships visit our website.

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