Welcome R.I.T. Students!

Welcome RIT students! Global Experiences and RIT have partnered to offer international internship programs, providing invaluable practical work experience and skills training in a range of professional fields in many exciting global destinations. We aim to help our participants get an edge in life and serve as a springboard to their future by providing unique professional and personal experiences abroad.

The RIT Program

RIT students are fortunate the faculty and staff value the importance of gaining hands on work experience to compliment your academic experience, which will open many doors to your professional opportunities in the future. Two program options are available so every student from RIT can take advantage of our programs. The options include:

    This co-op combines coursework through our affiliate university – Eastern Washington University. This option allows the RIT student access in using their financial aid loan to obtain both credit. This option includes choosing two 3 credit courses from the list below::

    • Comparing Cultures and Societies
    • Mass Media and Cultures
    • Photography for Communicating Experiences
    • World of Art
    • Cultural Diversity for Pre-professionals

    Please inquire directly with our Program Consultants, your RIT Campus Ambassador or Maria Richart for more information about these programs. See contact information below.

    Participate in one of our global programs as detailed in our website. Choose from many exciting destinations and we will customize an internship for you. Note that you will not be able to use your financial aid for this option. Inquire with Global Experiences directly.

Student Contacts

To discuss options available please contact any of the following individuals:

How to Apply

  1. RIT students should review the Global Experiences website – particularly for your location of interest. Contact us (contact information above) with any questions. At any time you may fill in our program inquiry form for more information and someone for our office will get in touch with you.
  2. Decide which program option you are most interested (see Option 1 & 2 above)
  3. Once you have reviewed our website, discussed your options and are ready to apply, please visit our How to Apply page and follow the simple process.

Dates, Deadlines & Pricing

All deadline dates are as posted on the Global Experiences website. Please note that RIT students interested in using financial aid and/or earning university credit are required to apply 2 weeks before our normal deadlines. Please inquire directly with our Program Coordinators should you have questions.