Earn Spending Money or Even Pay for Your Entire Program!

    We appreciate how expensive life can be and not everyone has the bank account to fund an international internship experience. We offer the following referral program to help level the playing field by allowing you to earn a nice chunk of change for spending money or even to pay your full program fees for referrals you send who successfully enroll in one of our programs.

    This program provides an opportunity to earn thousands of dollars toward your program for sending along potential candidates for our programs. All you do is refer them and we’ll do the rest. If they enroll successfully, you earn the rewards below and each person referred will also get $100 off their program! Invite your friends, family, neighbors, perhaps your neighbor’s friends and family! Anyone you think would be interested could potentially put lots of money in your pocket.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Refer one friend who signs up and get $100 off your program
    • Refer two friends and get $300 total off
    • Refer three friends and get $600 total off
    • Refer 4 friends and get $1,000 off
    • Refer 5 friends and get $1,500
    • Get another $500 off for every one there after

    Most of us have Facebook or email which extends to many degrees of friends and friends of friends. Others are on campus every day with thousands of students who would be interested if they knew about our internship programs. How about Spanish clubs, business fraternities, student unions, bulletin boards, and so many other potential channels for finding those referrals? The biggest rewards go to those who work the smartest, not necessarily the hardest!

    If you need some ideas how to get this started, don’t hesitate to ask. At the same time, if YOU Have some good ideas we would love to hear them so please let us know!

    Let's Get Started

    Your experience begins here! Take the first step toward a better résumé and life-changing international internship with Global Experiences.


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