International Internships

What stack are you in?

Imagine your dream job comes along and you apply in hopes of landing an interview. Once your resume hits the desk for review, you'll have about 60 seconds to wow the employer. Will you?

The following are stacks of resumes employers look through every day. Which stack do you think is going to make it the interview stage?

What sets you apart from the crowd?

Global Experiences does not just want to give you some work experience abroad. We want to help you be extraordinary.

There is no question that internships provide invaluable practical work experience helping to open doors to your future. As the global employment market grows more competitive and the demand for skills more specialized, it is essential that you strengthen your university degree with some real world work experience. With over 2.5 million university graduates entering the workforce in the USA alone each year, a bachelor's degree is not enough anymore. Employers are seeking individuals with a well-rounded, comprehensive base of education, practical skills, hands-on work experience, foreign language proficiency, and even industry contacts. Those who can tick off more of these boxes will be hired more often, make more money and have more of a say in their future.

Why should I work with Global Experiences to find my internship?

We guarantee the best possible internship for you.

Using a personalized and strengths driven approach, we ensure that if you are accepted into our programs, you are guaranteed an internship in your chosen career field. We have access to thousands of companies, organizations, non-profits, and government agencies through our long standing relationships with host employers and connections through our on-site location staff. How can we guarantee this? We take a very personal approach to our matchmaking processing and look at you and our base of employers. We will present you to those employers that we feel would be the best fit for you and vice versa. Often times, the first company we present you to will be a great fit for both parties and an official interview seals the deal. However, if needed, we'll move on and set up additional interviews with additional host employers. We keep going until your internship placement is confirmed.

International Internships 2014

Finding an internship is one thing, but finding one in a foreign country that matches your career goals can be incredibly difficult. We take care of everything so you don't have to worry about a thing, such as:

  • Finding a company in your respective field and ensuring it is legitimate
  • Having the company agree to take on a foreign intern for less than 6 months
  • Assuring the tasks and responsibilities within the internship will match your expectations and career goals
  • Ensuring the health & safety of the work environment
  • Finding short-term housing in a good location
  • Support if something goes wrong with the internship or your housing

Our Matching Process

Global Experiences prides itself on its matching process. With the mantra of 'Personalized from A to Z' we get to know you, your motivations, and goals, and can bring our 12+ years of expertise to determine which environment will be the best career stepping stone. With personal relationships with our employers, we're able to create an unmatched fit. There is no other organization that does this as well as Global Experiences.

Career Development

Having an international internship is great, but how do you make the most of your time there, and leverage your experience when you return? We place an emphasis on helping you identify your strengths, goals, and career objectives, and help you make the most of your experience.


Finding quality, short-term housing abroad in a good location can be difficult. Given that so much of your time will be spent there, it's essential to find a place that best meets your needs and puts you in the ideal location to take advantage of your time abroad. We arrange everything for you and ensure that you're comfortable and living among other students and interns.

Support, Health & Safety

We offer pre-trip preparation to all of our participants and go over safety and security before you arrive. Once you've arrived in your new host city, there will be an on-site orientation to further discuss safety precautions and things to be aware of. The orientation is run by the location coordinator, and we have location coordinators living in each of our cities, year round. They know the city inside and out and will be a wonderful resource for you. They are there to provide general support and serve as your 24/7 emergency contact should any issues arise. We also provide travel/medical insurance to ensure you are well cared for and have access to all of the health and safety provisions you will need while abroad.

All work and no play...?

Of course not! After all, you are traveling to an amazing destination abroad, and we will help you assimilate to the local culture and visit some of the 'must see' places. We arrange regular meet-ups for dinner or social events, excursions, and other events during your program. Aside from the internship, you'll have lots of freedom. Any time outside of work is completely your own and you are encouraged to travel and explore during your free time.

We do not put you in a bubble!

Though we provide all of the essential program components to help you live and work abroad; we do not believe in putting you in a bubble with other participants and walking you around the city day and night together. You are free to be independent, live your life in Florence or Sydney or wherever you go while still having a number of social activities to keep you connected to the group. Many study abroad programs put students in a bubble, preventing them from being fully immersed in the local culture and gaining the most out of their experience. We are always here for support, but believe you are capable of living your own life while abroad.