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    By participating in our international hospitality internship program, you gain valuable experience in the service industry, while working directly with kitchen and front of the house management. Your tasks could include ordering, preparing and planning menus, parties and events. Take a look at our list of sample hospitality and tourism internships abroad to see if you're ready to get a leg up.

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    Hospitality Intern for a Prestigious Hotel Management Company

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    Opportunities for students skilled in accounting are possible at two FIVE STAR HOTELS in the Stephen Greens area of City Centre. The standard shift is 3PM until 11PM to relieve the full time staff head. Global Experiences is currently working with these hotels to creative a program fee reduction for the students, as both of the Host Employers wish to compensate the selected intern(s). The only way (legally) to do so is via a tuition reduction plan with GE. Please contact Jon Peterson at Global Experiences for more details. (jon@globalexperiences.com).

    Ideal Candidate: We are looking for well-groomed associates, with a great attitude. Ideally Food & Beverage but I know your students are communications – we can offer placements in Sales & Marketing and would pay them a contribution for working with us. They would need to be smart and someone who would assist the department and not hinder it.

    • 9/27/2014
    • 12.0 weeks
    • 1/10/2015
    • 12.0 weeks
    • 6/6/2015
    • 8.0 weeks

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