Intern Profiles

The following profiles are real examples of past interns, where they went, what they did during their internship and some other insightful information as you consider your own international internship. We are happy to provide further information about these past participants upon request.


Name: Lucy
Company: University of Alabama
Field: Fashion Business
Location: London

Description: Lucy was placed with a high end wedding dress designer.

Tasks: Range of design work, pattern making, cutting, sewing and bead work. Attending fashion week events and promotions

Testimonial: "London is fantastic. I looove everything about it! London Fashion Week was absolutely AMAZING. Words can’t even describe!"

Name: Robert
Company: Université de Moncton
Field: Law/Legal
Location: Paris

Description: The firm where I was placed was small but very active in employment law and international arbitration. My mentor and her staff were very helpful in explaining the office procedures and were very attentive to bringing me on board to work on various projects. The firm used a team approach with regular discussions on how to handle the different files. My mentor also made sure that I was able to observe a variety of law courts in the Paris region.

Tasks: The project that I am particularly proud of is helping put together a presentation on international labor arbitration that my mentor presented to the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn, in London, U.K..

Testimonial: “The internship in Paris that Global Experiences provided me was excellent in every way. First, the application process was thorough in making sure that I would be placed in a situation where I could achieve my goals, and the subsequent pre-trip assistance was very helpful. The host family, where I was accommodated, was welcoming and inclusive, and the location of their apartment in the heart of the city made it easy to get around. The two-week language course, prior to the internship placement, enabled me to renew my command of the French language, as well as become accustomed to the Parisian accent. In addition, it was great during that time, to be able to get to know the other North American program participants, which led to later getting together on a regular basis to sightsee and to socialize. The provided cell phone helped us all keep in touch. Last but not least, the actual intern placement met all my expectations. Having completed my first year of law (in Canada, law is a post-graduate degree), I was anxious to gain experience working in a law firm and to do it in French (Canada is a bilingual country). All in all, it was a tremendous learning experience for me, living in Paris, immersing myself in the culture, and doing meaningful work in my chosen profession. Thank you Global Experiences.”

Name: Nancy
Company: Siena College
Field: Environmental Science
Location: Washington, DC

Description: I am majoring in Environmental Studies at Siena College in Loudonville, New York. For my major, I am required to take an internship related to Environmental Studies. I knew I wanted to make the best of my internship experience by working in another part of the United States or the world. I came across the Global Experiences website and saw that they offered an internship opportunity in Washington, D.C. and so I applied.

Tasks: Research, presentations, writing reports.

Testimonial: "Interning in Washington, D.C. through Global Experiences was the best opportunity I had in my life. I worked for a non-profit Environmental Organization working to improve China’s environmental quality and I gained great experience by being able to attend meetings and do research on climate change. Not only did I have a great working experience but I also made friends that I will have for a lifetime and networked with many people. I would recommend anyone to take an internship through Global Experiences because the knowledge gained through working and networking, meeting new people, and being able to go to events was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life and has helped me grow as a person."

Name: Charlotte
Company: University of Edinburgh
Field: Fashion Business
Location: Sydney

Description: My placement is a wonderful little fashion company, everyone is friendly and the clothes are gorgeous!

Tasks: I have a very hands on role regarding web orders, updating the website, seeing to PR requests which is brilliant as I get to choose which clothes to send to the magazines!

Testimonial: “I went to a fashion show this afternoon which was really good fun and now have a stack of Australian fashion magazines which came in our goody bags! I have had a fabulous first week. It has gone so quickly! Firstly the other interns, who I met last Friday, and myself went to a zoo in Sydney last Sunday and we are also going out tonight for a meal and maybe a couple of drinks! They all seem lovely! In a couple of weeks there will be more work to do with their birthday celebrations events so that will be exciting. But overall a wonderful first week in Sydney! It is forecast to be 27 degrees this weekend so think I’m going to head to the beach!!”

Name: Rushana
Company: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Field: Finance/Economics
Location: London

Description: I signed up for the program with Global Experiences in the end of winter 2009. Global Experiences arranged my placement and a great place to live with our large group of interns for the summer. My internship was in my field of study and I earnt credit from my home university. I learned a lot about the finance industry in London. People at work were very friendly and helped me a lot to get more comfortable in the office. There was a group of around 25-30 students who came at the same time I did and we all lived in the same building but in different apartments. I lived with one girl from Canada and we got along very well. Weekends were always free and that was the time when I learned more about London. We went to different parts of London, Oxford, Scotland with my friends that I made while living in that city. The only one thing that I was not prepared for was the weather! I thought since I am going to live in London in the summer it will be warm, I should have brought a jacker! But I loved shopping there are so many amazing clothes stores in London. Two months of my internship went by very fast and in no time I was back at home. I gained a lot of experience working in a finance industry; I met a lot of new people and got familiar with London!

Tasks: Rushana worked alongside the director of Policy and Taxation. Tasks included: research into international banking policy, prepared briefing summaries for the director, initiating working on responses for British Code of Practice.

Testimonial: "I am a 3rd year student majoring in International Business and Finance at Rochester Institute of Technology. This past summer I spent in London doing [an] internship in a banking industry with Global Experiences. It was great, studying different cultures, learning about London and meeting a lot of new people. I always wanted to go [to] London and not just as a tourist, but actually live there and experiencing working and studying. I had the time of my life."