Financing and Payment Policies for Your Internship Program

Our programs include far more than a custom internship. We provide career development, resume and cover letter building, interview techniques, networking, and valuable references to benefit you for years to come. We aim to get you focused on the right career path not to just place you in any internship that comes along. We are a professional career development organization with over 12 years of successfully helping to launch the careers of thousands of past participants.

Although you may be ready for this experience, have the qualifications and encouragement from friends and family, like many interns, there may be one thing standing in the way between you and this life-changing experience – funding!

Everyone’s situation and circumstances are different, and there are just as many ways to fund your internship abroad. Below are some options of how interns have funded their programs in the past. Remember that while one option might be the solution for one person, two or three options combined together might be the right solution for someone else.

Here are some options other interns have used to pay for their program!

Financial Aid

Many of our interns receive university credit for their program. You may also be able to transfer your current financial aid package if your university has approved you to receive credit for your internship abroad. Every case is different and every school has different requirements so we encourage you to inquire with your university advisor and communicate with your Global Experiences program advisor. We have a University Director on staff who can discuss opportunities for credit with your advisor on your behalf.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are grants and scholarships available for internships abroad. The Fund for Education Abroad offers scholarships each year that you may be eligible to apply for. International Education Financial Aid is a good resource with lots of scholarships listed that you may be eligible to apply for. If you are currently receiving a Federal Pell Grant, you may be eligible for a Gilman International Scholarship. Also, check with your school's Office of Merit Awards and Scholarships to see what else may be available.


Instead of getting yet more socks, ask a relative to contribute to your internship program fund. Have a fundraising party with an entrance charge or raffle. Alert local newspapers, radio and television stations about your plans for studying abroad, and see if they are interested in partnering with you for your efforts. here are many online platforms available to help you collect and track donations- an excellent site is, another is but there are many others! One of our students, Elliot, put on multiple fundraising events to get to DC for the summer- he did car washes, held church fundraisers & had bake sales. Another held a large event in her community with a musical act that she charged an entry fee that helped her get to New York.

Payment Plan

Take advantage of Global Experiences’ Installment Plan. The program fee balance is divided into equal monthly payments. The amount and number of payments is determined by how many months there are between the time of enrollment and the program start date. There is a 5% fee on installment payments which is considerably lower than interest paid on credit cards or through a private loan program. Please inquire with your program advisor for more details.

Community Outreach

Community organizations are a great option for funding your program and some of our interns have done just that! Your church, synagogue, or Rotary Club are good organizations to look into as they have a history of supporting youth in international programs. You may even be able to leverage bringing your experiences back to benefitting the community in some way, such as mentoring younger students when you return and sharing your new found wealth of perspective on the world.

Refer a Friend Program

Take advantage of Global Experiences’ Refer-a-Friend program. Refer anyone you know that you think would be interested in a Global Experiences program and we’ll do the rest! If they successfully enroll in a program you will both get $100 off your program fees. If you refer two friends that enroll you get $300 off your program fees, three friends, $600 off your program fees, four friends, $1,000 off your program fees, five friends, $1,500 off your program fees. Click Here to learn more.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Earning the money the old-fashioned way is of course the best option. If you need to get a part-time job, or pick up some extra hours, put that money away into an account that is specifically designated for funding your experience abroad- pretend it doesn’t exist until it comes time for your program!

Personal Savings

If you have the money saved up, spending it on an international work experience is a solid investment in your future.

Your Family

Your parents MAY be willing to fund a portion of the program or the program in its entirety. Although your parents may have already invested a significant amount in your education this is a continuance of your educational experience and development. Your parents are investing in you because they want the best for you and they want you to succeed. Aside from your parents there may be another relative that would be willing to fund a portion or entirety of the program. A grandparent, aunt or uncle may have the resources to fund your program; this could even be presented as an extension of your educational program or an early graduation gift.


Do you have available credit to fund at least a portion of your program? Heading abroad is a significant investment and responsibly using a credit card can allow you to participate, while potentially gaining miles or rewards. It is worth the investment no matter how you pay for it!

Private Loan Programs

If a private loan is the best option for you there are several providers available, such as Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo, or higher ed loan companies. You will want to do your research and ask questions. Among them: What are the eligibility requirements? Are there any restrictions on the funds - can I use them for things like airfare? Do I have to receive credit for my internship program? When do I have to start repaying my loans? Shop around to get the best rates and be prepared to have a cosigner. can help you compare resources and rates for study abroad loans.

Make a Payment

For further payment information or to pay your program fees now please click here.

Payment Options

  • Pay in 30 Days: The program fee balance will be due within 30 days of enrollment.
  • Installment Plan: Installment plan allows for students to pay the program fee balance due in equal monthly installment payments. The full program fee must be paid 30 days prior to departure. There is a 5.00% installment fee on installment payments. Consult the Global Experiences accounts department ( for more information.