Earning Credit for Your Internship

As an industry leader in international education programs, Global Experiences understands that obtaining credit can be an important part of any international experience. We have helped facilitate the accreditation process for many of our past program participants. A large number of students are able to obtain credit each year for their programs

How Does It Work?

There are a variety of options for obtaining credit for an international internship with Global Experiences. Since many financial aid options exist for those enrolled in a credit-bearing program, this could also be a great option to help fund your program. With any of the options listed below you will be ultimately responsible for making the necessary arrangements before you leave. In many cases you will need the support of Global Experiences staff to provide documentation for your college. Please ensure you allow enough time before your program starts so that you will get the credits you need.

Options for Receiving Credit

Directly through your home university or college: Participants may be able to obtain credits for certain components such as the language training classes, internship placement or both. In such cases students may register for language major credits, independent study credits or other independent student courses that are available at many universities. Most require a professor or supervisor at your school to support your program.

Academic internship or coop internship students with required credit hours can register with their school before they go to make sure the placement counts towards these credits. Through our program location teams we can provide the right placement that meets the objectives of your program and ensures your assessment and supervision documents are completed.

Transfer credits: Through a partnership with Eastern Washington University, students can sign up for 1 or 3 credit courses designed to complement our international internship programs. Those interested must register directly with EWU before they leave for their program. This option involves independent work while abroad and submitting completed work online to a remote based course supervisor. You should also make sure credits earned will be eligible to transfer back to your home university. Click here for more information from EWU's website. Please consult us for more information.

Through your college’s formal program with Global Experiences: Many schools are working with Global Experiences to offer international internship programs as part of their academic curriculum. If you are from a program such as this you must first contact your college representative and complete the necessary on-campus steps before registering with Global Experiences. Please consult us to see if we are already affiliated with your university or college.