You have your very own set of talents, experiences, and personality traits that no one else can exactly duplicate, but how do you prove that to employers? Last year, only 9% of American undergraduate students studied abroad, and even fewer than that had an internship and traveled abroad. Not only is an international internship program a unique way to gain travel experience, but it has also been proven to benefit your career.

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    You’ll find a vast variety of opportunities in our international internship program in various countries across the globe. Select from one of our destinations below and discover the possibilities of an internship abroad in 2015.

    Learn about the various ways students are able to receive academic credit for their internship programs.


    Explore the many ways students are able to finance their international experiences.


    Review the most commonly asked questions about Global Experiences, our programs and interning abroad.


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    Review our ten different programs worldwide and determine where you would like to intern.

    Review your program’s specific details like dates, fees, inclusions, and internship examples.

    Read blogs, alumni testimonials, and check out pictures and videos from our programs over the years.

    Once you’ve reviewed everything, apply and set up a consultation.

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