Welcome Parents

So, your son or daughter is considering an experiential education program abroad? You should consider yourself fortunate that you have raised such an interesting future leader! Students who participate in any abroad program are an extraordinary group of young men and women who clearly have a thirst for knowledge, adventure and a means of getting an edge in life.

Many parents have never lived or worked abroad themselves but appreciate the benefits such an experience could have for one’s personal and professional development. You are now presented with an opportunity to embrace such an opportunity for your student and perhaps to live vicariously through them as they embark upon an experience they will always cherish. Many of us at Global Experiences are parents too and ALL of us have lived, worked, or studied abroad at some time in our lives, so we have a pretty good understanding of your considerations when looking to send your own son or daughter to a foreign country.

We believe you, the parent, are very important to the overall experience for your child, not only for the health and safety provisions, but also to ensure the value of the experience on the whole is best for their personal and professional development.

This section of the website is devoted to helping parents understand our internships, program benefits, our track record, costs and considerations before sending them abroad. We have also compiled some parent testimonials and frequently asked questions for you to review.

Please contact us directly should you have any questions or concerns that are not detailed in this parent section.