Understanding the Costs

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Our goal is to provide participants with everything they will need to succeed while living and working abroad. We hope this provides peace of mind knowing that we have done the careful planning, thereby allowing the intern to focus on their experience.

We often hear that our programs are expensive. Though they may seem to be on the surface, but please understand what all is included in our fees, not the least of which being accommodations throughout the program, often in one of the world’s most expensive cities. The services we provide have been tried and tested through the years and though we continue to enhance our programs each year, we have found a program formula, which works well to serve the needs and expectations of each of our participants.

We are by no means ‘rich’ at Global Experiences, at least financially, but our team and the organization as a whole derives some ‘compensation’ from organizing unique, often life-changing experiences for our participants, much like each of us had at one point. In fact many of our employees have moved from higher paying positions to work for a socially conscious company that prides itself on the opportunities it provides for young people.

Generally included in the program fees are the following:

Customized Guaranteed Internships

Global Experiences guarantees internships to all participants accepted into its internship programs. Similar to traditional recruitment companies, we work with each applicant on a one-to-one basis to understand their expectations and match them with the best employer in their prospective career field. By getting to know each individual applicant, learning of their academic background, career objectives, language proficiency (where relevant) and overall expectations for their experience abroad, we are able to place each individual in a work environment that will help them gain valuable work experience abroad. We help each prospective intern create an effective resume, prepare for an interview with potential employers, and prepare for their experience living and working abroad.

Customer Service and Program Counseling

We aim to provide an extraordinary level of commitment and service to each of our program participants and prospects. Through consistent and easy access to our program representatives and onsite staff in each of our program locations, we work to devise a program structure ideal for meeting the needs of each respective candidate. We provide a wealth of information to students, parents, advisors or other involved parties regarding program structure and location. We take the time necessary to get to know each prospective applicant to understand their expectations and whether we can indeed meet them.

Intensive Foreign Language Training

We only work with the best language training institutions worldwide, all recognized and accredited by their respective ministries of education. In most locations these institutions have been providing language training to foreigners for several decades.

Accommodations and Meals

All of our programs include accommodations, generally in a homestay or a single or shared room in an apartment. They are all safe and secure, and generally within walking distance or a short bus ride to the internship or language training center. Meals are often available with our homestay option and each apartment has a kitchen for students to prepare their own food. More information regarding accommodation is available in each of the program location pages on our site

On Location Staff

In most cases, each program participant will be put in direct contact with our local staff or partners in each program location prior to departure for the host country. Many of our on location staff and partners are natives to the host country who provide invaluable insight to the local area and culture. The program participants will have constant access to these people throughout their program should they (or their parents, academic advisors or other) have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of their program.

Obtaining University Credit

Many Global Experiences' program participants have successfully earned university credit for completion of our programs. Please visit each individual location page to learn more about the academic credit options that are available.

Pre-departure Information and Online Portal

All participants will receive extensive program and location information prior to their departure. This will include general information about the program, the location, accommodations and meals where applicable, contact information for our offices and staff on the ground, information regarding internship/volunteer placement and language training where applicable, passport and visa information, what to wear, local climate, culture shock, local customs, health & safety, excursions available, and more.


  • Mobile phones
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Growing network of Global Experiences alumni to open even more future doors
  • One of the greatest experiences of your life!