Internship Information for Parents

Many parents inquire about the quality of our internships, the job responsibilities to be conducted, and the internship placement process in each of our destinations worldwide. We have dedicated Program Consultants who will be working with your son or daughter throughout the process, from their initial inquiry through the end of their program and beyond, to ensure a quality experience. We encourage you to get involved and participate in that process.

We take pride in getting to know your child and their expectations of their experience abroad, personally and professionally. In doing so we are able to create a program and match them with the best possible employer to meet expectations. In fact, this is the strength of Global Experiences and the internships we provide.

Initial Discussion

We begin with a thorough discussion about your son or daughter&s future plans and career goals. We then help craft and fine-tune an effective resume and cover letter specifically for the career field and country of interest. We will communicate placement opportunities available and begin to prepare them further by creating realistic expectations of their experience abroad.

Program Acceptance

Provided your child is accepted into our program, we are able to guarantee an internship as we would not accept them otherwise. Through the enrollment process our goal is to set the right expectations between the host employer and the intern (including Mom and Dad!). If we do not feel that we are able to make a match, we may not being able to accept them into the program for whatever reason (i.e. career placement area, experience, language skills, maturity, etc). While our programs provide some of the most unique and rewarding personal experiences in the world, there is a strong focus on professional growth through the internships, which can open many doors to your child&s future opportunities.


Due to visa restrictions, language proficiency, the short-term nature of our programs, and other issues, our internships are unpaid but provide an unparalleled opportunity to gain professional work experience while immersing oneself in a foreign culture.