Frequently Asked Questions

The following information aims to answer questions most frequently asked about our programs. Please read through and contact us directly should you have further questions or concerns.

Are the internships paid?

As with most internships, the vast majority of our placements are unpaid. Up to half of our participants receive academic credit from their university and the placement forms part of their college degree. Outside North America internships are typically an unpaid experience used to gain professional skills and thus our programs abroad are in line with local expectations from companies accepting our interns. Visa restrictions also prevent businesses from paying interns as immigration policy in many countries mandate that paid positions are for citizens and residents of that country only.

Why take an unpaid internship?

The intent of the internships is to provide practical, applicable work experience in your career field of choice. These internships allow you to further differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack by showing that you not only have experience in a given field, but also that you have demonstrated your ability to live and work in a foreign culture. The resume boost alone will truly differentiate you from other applicants in the eyes of a prospective employer. In which case, the 'pay' you will receive comes in the form of international work experience, establishing contacts in your career field of choice, and adding a line to your resume that will shine above all else. Of course, this is not to mention the personal enrichment of living and traveling abroad while immersing yourself in a foreign culture.

What can I expect from a Global Experiences program?

Our programs are designed to provide valuable personal and professional experiences. Our participants usually say that taking our program changed their lives and they now feel more confident entering the working world. On location we do not carry you around in a bubble like a tour group. We believe that keeps you away from the real culture of the city in which you live. We provide support so you can live independently and have your own global experiences. Of course we know that having fun is important so we offer regular social activities and excursions to places during your program.

It seems kind of expensive, why should I consider this program?

We know that taking an international internship experience can seem prohibitively expensive, but it is important to consider a few key factors before you make that determination. Firstly, how much do you spend on college each semester? Our programs are often less expensive than the average cost of semester of college and we include your housing. An internship should be considered an extension of your academic experience, providing practical skills development to compliment what you learn in the classroom. Secondly, did you know that most employers now view skills above academic qualifications when they are considering candidates for jobs? Your internship experience may prove more important than your degree, especially given that most applicants for a position you will be seeking will also have a university degree. What makes you different? You spend gobs of money on an academic degree so you should consider an international internship program as an investment in your future career opportunities, one you can't afford to miss!

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

In order to begin the process of finding you the right internship placement we need to assure our host employers that you are a serious candidate. Our program deposit secures your place in our program, confirms your accommodations, and secures the best placement available that meets your needs and expectations.

When should I apply?

Applications for all programs are taken on a rolling basis. There are often limited placements in popular fields so we recommend people apply and make their program deposit as soon as possible to get the placement process started early. Program deadlines indicate the last date we can accept participants for a start date, which is usually based on accommodation availability and visa deadlines.

What is included in the program fees?

All our programs generally include internship placement, accommodation, on location support services, excursions and social events, travel and medical insurance, mobile phones, and much more. Non-English speaking locations also include language training and some locations also include academic coursework. Each location has its own unique feel and we aim to provide both a very unique professional and personal experience. Please read the details for each respective program to understand exactly what your program includes.

Will my internship company offer me a job?

We have had interns who were offered full-time employment upon completion of their internship. This would be entirely up to the placement company and would be organized directly with you, as Global Experiences does not facilitate full-time employment beyond the internships. Most interns make excellent contacts during their program that help to open doors to future employment, so be sure to do the same.

Can I arrange university credit?

Yes, many of our program participants have secured credit from their university or college. We are able to arrange credit for you on a case by case basis. We would work directly with you and your institution to arrange the credits, either issued directly by your school or through our partnership with an accredited US-based university. Students have earned anywhere from 3 credits for a one-month program to 15 credits for a semester long program. Please click here to learn more.

Is there any financial aid available?

Your financial aid can be used provided you are on a credit-bearing program approved by your university program. Every case is different so we encourage you to discuss these options with us once you have inquired. We offer a payment plan option in which participants can make monthly installments up to 30 days before their program starts. This is a great way to manage the program cost. Please visit our Financing page to learn more.

What will my accommodations be like?

Depending on the program, accommodations are generally offered in single rooms in shared apartments, contemporary student housing, or homestays. Please review detailed information provided for your program of interest and be sure to inquire directly with our program coordinators should you have any questions. We attempt to provide accommodations as close to your language courses and/or internship placement company as possible. Most of our accommodations options provide all of the amenities and essentials for living, including linens, pots, pans, dishes and other general home supplies. For most, the only necessity is to bring is your own towel. As the accommodations for each program differ, please be sure to confirm what to expect for your specific program. Otherwise, you will need to bring some spending cash and an open mind. You will figure out the rest!

Is the application process competitive?

Again, this is program specific but generally speaking, yes because we often have limited placements available in a given career field or program location. The minimum requirements for program are listed on the website so be sure to review it in detail, and then contact our program coordinators should you have any further questions. Many of our programs have limits in terms of number of participants, which are generally facilitated on a first come first serve basis.

Do I have to be American or other nationality to participate?

No. Our programs are open to most all nationalities and backgrounds with varying levels of academic and professional experience. Some positions require minimum proficiency in a foreign language or work experience in a given field. Program eligibility also depends on the visa requirements specific to your country of origin. Please feel free to ask us questions regarding your background and whether it may pose a conflict for any of our programs.

Are there age limits for the programs? What is the average age?

Most programs are open to those 18 years or older. Generally speaking, the upper age limit is 30 years of age, though exceptions are possible.

Will I have free time during my program?

Yes, you will have plenty of free time to wander during your program, particularly in the afternoons, evenings and on the weekends outside of your language courses and internships. Programs often include social evenings and excursions as part of the program. Many of our program participants organize dinners, drinks, excursions and outings together, and there is always something going on in each location. We cannot impress upon you more to do as much, see as much, smell as much, and taste as much as possible while you are there--you never know, it may be your only chance in life.

How do I apply?

Please visit our online application form on this website and complete all fields to apply. You will find more specific information regarding the application process on our How to Apply page.