Who wouldn't want to intern in the world's most famous capital! By participating in the Global Experiences' summer internship program in Washington, DC, you can explore the epicenter of US government and home to icons of American democracy and culture. It is a great location for both US citizens and international students to gain unparalleled work experience in a wide range of professional areas.

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About Internships

As a city populated by just under one million people (with thousands of tourists from all over the globe visitng each year), Washington DC is dominated by national and international institutions such as the Smithsonian Museum, the US Capitol, the White House, countless businesses, lobbying organizations, and many international and domestic non-governmental organizations. Within this diverse and powerful city, we will develop an internship for you that best meets your personal and professional goals.

Academic Credit

Yes, you can earn academic credit for this program. The best credit option will be determined by your home university and academic advisor, and we can work with you to determine if credit through your school is possible. The other way is to earn independent credit from our US-based affiliate university, Eastern Washington University. We will work with you and your school to attain credit if possible and help you navigate the process.

More information regarding academic credit options.

Internships Schedule

The following is a schedule of Dates & Fees for the Paris internships.

Program Name: Washington: DC : 8 weeks (Summer 2015)

Start date: 06/06/2015
USD Cost: $6,490

Internship FAQs

Are the internships paid?

What can I expect from a Global Experiences program?

Why should I consider this program?

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

When should I apply?

What is included in the program fees?

Will my internship company offer me a job?

Is the application process competitive?

Do I have to be a US citizen, or can other nationalities participate?

Are there age limits for the programs? What is the average age?

Will I have free time during my program?

How do I apply?

Program Inclusions

Our comprehensive Washington, DC internship program in provides much more than just your customized guaranteed internship. We focus on matching you with the best employer so you have a great practical work experience but we also include a range of other program components to make sure you have an excellent overall experience.

Guaranteed Custom Internship Placement

At Global Experiences, we guarantee placement to all participants accepted into its Washington, DC internships. Unlike traditional recruitment companies, we work with each applicant on a one-to-one basis to understand their talents, expectations and match them with the best employer in their prospective career field. Most placements are unpaid with some offering a small stipend. By getting to know each individual applicant, learning of their academic background, career objectives, language proficiency (where relevant) and overall expectations we are able to place each individual in a work environment that will help them gain valuable work experience. We help each prospective intern create an effective resume, professionally prepare for an interview with potential employers, and psychologically prepare for their program.

Excursions and Social Events

Global Experiences wants to you to work hard and also play hard with our excursion and activities calendar designed for you to make the most of your summer. Global Experiences offers regular happy hours to help you network with your peers in Washington DC's vibrant social scene. You can travel independently or with fellow interns, using the Global Experiences travel resources to fill your social calendar. We also include excursions in each of our programs. Below are some examples.

Spirit of Washington Cruise
Start your program right by getting to know other Global Experiences students and enjoy the majestic sites of Washington, DC at night. Experience a luxurious evening aboard the Spirit of Washington for a three-hour escape to elegance and total entertainment experience only a true luxury cruising vessel can provide.

Washington Nationals Baseball Game
A stay in DC would not be complete without experiencing America's favorite pastime. Join the crowd and other Global Experiences interns and cheer on your summer home team the Washington Nationals.

More than the Monuments Walking Tour
Begin your second weekend in DC with a walking tour of the city. Not only will you learn everything about the monuments, you'll learn about George Washington's love for dogs, how Hollywood was involved in WWII, why Abraham Lincoln wore a beard, why Benjamin Franklin electrocuted a turkey, what makes the President's car so cool, why the White House is painted white, why French women loved Thomas Jefferson, which President invented the 7th inning stretch....And much, much, much more. This is not your average tour!

Tour the White House or US Capitol
Summer interns this past year were invited to the White House, a rare and unique opportunity to see inside the world's most iconic building and center of US power. Participants in the 2010 summer program will also have the opportunity to visit the White House or the US Capitol building.

Example Events (actual events offered may differ)
Spirit of Washington Cruise TBD
Nats baseball game vs. Colorado TBD
Monument Walking Tour TBD
Capitol Tour TBD
White House Tour TBD

Housing in

Participants in the Washington DC program will stay at the George Washington University in single rooms within a student residence just a few blocks from the White House. The housing is in a great location close to all of the internship sites and within easy access to the DC metro.

Other Important Inclusions

  • Optional academic credit provided by accredited US university. Inquire further with a program consultant
  • Travel Medical Insurance (Emergency Medical + Personal Liability) valid for a full year irrespective of your program length
  • On the ground support & 24/7 emergency contact
  • Information and assistance obtaining required visa (as necessary)
  • Welcome social event and orientation meeting
  • Extensive pre-departure information provided by enrollment coordinator and online portal
  • Dedicated program coordinator to prepare you for your program

Career Fields Available in

We offer a wide range of career field options in our internship programs. If you do not see yours listed below please contact a program consultant as we are able to find placements in other areas.

Career Fields in Washington, DC

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Washington, DC Internships Eligibility

Participants in Washington DC internships are required to be 19-30 years old at the start of the program and have some relevant coursework in their preferred field of internship placement. Participants must also have a very high level of English necessary to participate in a university and professional setting. If you are uncertain regarding your eligibility please inquire with a program consultant.

Visa Eligibility

American citizens do not require a visa.

All individuals without U.S. citizenship wishing to take part in our Washington, DC or New York City internship programs must have a valid passport and obtain a J-1 Visa to legally participate. To qualify for the J-1 Visa, you must be a current university student OR will be starting our internship program within 12 months of graduating from your university.

Those requiring a J-1 Visa will incur a visa processing fee of $1,200 in addition to the cost of the program. This fee is not imposed by Global Experiences but is for the visa itself. Eligibility and formal acceptance into the program are determined based upon a conversation with one of our Program Consultants and a completed application form. Please inquire within for more information. Thank you!

Eligibility and acceptance is determined based on a completed application form and formal acceptance into the program.


Dozens of students have made the choice to pursue an internship in and all of them have a story. Check out the testimonials of some of our students and learn just how much they enjoyed this once in a lifetime adventure.


Our Placement Process

We excel at matching each intern with the best employer by learning about you and your expectations of your experience abroad. There is not another group or company that does this as well as Global Experiences.

Finding the career that is right for you is a journey that may last a lifetime. Global Experiences will help you identify your personal and professional interests and skills while affording you an opportunity to apply those in a real world work environment.

Global Experiences does not place you with just any company, but rather walks you through a comprehensive consultation to understand your academic background, learning and career objectives, language proficiency (where relevant), and whether you are interested primarily in the cultural travel experience or the professional development opportunity. Getting to know you and understanding all of these variables helps Global Experiences identify the internship that will best serve your needs and expectations.

We work with thousands of employers worldwide covering a broad range of academic and career fields. Once you inquire with Global Experiences, we learn as much about you and convey the types of placements that are available. We are generally able to let you know in our first contact whether you are a good candidate for our program. As we guarantee our internships, Global Experiences will not accept you into the program unless we are confident about finding a suitable placement.

Once you are accepted into the program and pay your program deposit, Global Experiences will immediately begin formalizing your internship placement. We will work with you to create an effective resume, prepare for an interview, and organize the documentation required to secure your visa. All participants will have access to a portal of pre-departure information that will help prepare you for your Global Experience.

Internships Schedule

The following is a schedule of Dates & Fees for the Washington internships.

Program Name: Washington: DC : 8 weeks (Summer 2015)

Start date: 06/06/2015
USD Cost: $6,490

How to Apply

While career development and true cultural immersion are lifelong endeavors, we make the process of securing an international internship quick and easy. Five simple steps and you will be involved in an unforgettable experience that will truly give you an edge in life.

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