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    Sydney, while not the capital of Australia, is the financial and economic center, hands down. In fact, its local economy has performed so well that its citizens are the second most prosperous in the entire world relative to the local cost of living. In addition to a great tourism industry that caters to adventure and nature lovers, Sydney is also home to wonderful opportunities in the areas of business, real estate, arts/entertainment, manufacturing, banking, education, politics, and law.

    Programs in Sydney are available for 8 or 12 weeks in the summer, fall, or spring. If you want to explore Australia but have never been able to figure out how to spend a significant amount of time there, an internship in Sydney should absolutely be a consideration.

    About Sydney

    An internship in Sydney is guaranteed to be an experience unlike any other. This metropolis “down under” is home to a vibrant, diverse populace, eager to innovate and compete in what has become an increasingly globalized marketplace. While indigenous people are believed to have inhabited the land that makes up modern Sydney as far back as 30,000 years ago, Sydney as we know it today is a relatively young city.

    Furthermore, it is widely considered one of the most pleasant and livable cities in the entire world. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor, and Luna Park, it’s easy to understand why so many fall in love with this city by the sea.

    Why Intern Abroad

    Program Dates & Fees

    Sydney 12 weeks (Spring 2015)

    Start Date: 1/24/2015

    USD Cost: $9,140

    Sydney 8 weeks (Summer 2015)

    Start Date: 6/6/2015

    USD Cost: $7,990

    Sydney 12 weeks (Fall 2015)

    Start Date: 9/5/2015

    USD Cost: $9,140

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    Sydney Intern Testimonials

    IT WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE AND TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!! I have gained so much guidance from doing an internship that I can now take back to college and apply in my current and future studies.
    Katie H.
    Baylor University / Accounting
    You can travel the world and yet never truly understand it, but living and working in a different country lets you truly learn what makes that place special.
    Jennifer H.
    California State University-Fullerton / Finance
    I worked in the news room at one of the biggest radio stations in Sydney as a reporter and learned far more than I ever expected.
    Katie L.
    Truman State / Communications
    I was lucky to have a very interesting and diversified job and 'real Australian' colleagues, who taught me a lot about the Australian way of life.
    Jessica V.
    University of Wisconsin-Platteville / Human Resources
    Global Experiences gave me this opportunity and I have made many great connections because of it. Up to this point my internship in Sydney has been the greatest adventure of my life!
    Ashley P.
    Northern Illinois University / Marketing
    The research I completed goes further than a single line on my resume; the experience has made so many unobtainable professional opportunities available.
    Grace P.
    University of California-Davis / Environmental Science
    I'll definitely recommend global experiences to any of my friends who are interested in interning abroad
    Lauren B.
    University of Edinburgh / Public Relations
    I definitely think that this internship experience has helped me in creating and meeting my career goals. Global Experiences has given me a wonderful addition to my resume while providing me with real work experience and a life changing trip.
    Malissa G.
    University of Texas Permian Basin / Event Planning

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    The comprehensive program Sydney is complete with housing, social events, local support, career development, and much more.


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