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    The dynamic city of Milan is fast-paced, full of ideas, money, fashion, food and glamor. If you’re seeking an exciting internship that will dive deep into the world of fashion business, tourism, advertising, and sports management, a Global Experiences Internship in the capitol of Lombardy is what you’re looking for. Simply put, Milan is to Italy as New York City is to America. It’s the driving force of Italian design, business and finance. Constantly looking towards the future, Milan is where ideas are cultivated, and revolutionary trends are created. In 2015 Milan will host the World’s Expo. With a focus on energy and food sustainability, the Expo will offer Global Experiences Interns an exciting opportunity to potentially immerse themselves in a number of unique fields and industries at the forefront of the globalized economy. In terms of international internship locations, Milan is a great differentiating choice for your resume, as you learn to work in the Italian business culture, develop language skills and make connections in one of the world’s great global business cities.

    Global Experiences Milan offers three unique opportunities for internships in Milan. The 8-week Summer Program and 12-week Fall/Spring programs are constructed to work within all of our interns’ busy schedules. Each provide interns with language training upon arrival, and innovative opportunities for interactive internships. For students requiring an internship credit at their university, a Global Experiences Internship can be used to fulfill this. GE Interns in Milan will live in a centrally located student residence which offers accessibility to all the excitement the city has to offer. With a multitude of transportation options throughout the city, Interns will find it easy to navigate the sprawling urban landscape from Global Experiences main housing location.

    About Milan

    The capitol of Lombardy, Milan is unique for its combination of a rich history that’s directly impacted the cultural trends that shape the modern world. A former Roman colony, Milan rose through the Renaissance to become one of the architectural hotspots of the Western World. Home to the Milan Cathedral, perhaps the most important example of Gothic Architecture in all of Italy, it’s a city that’s long influenced the cultural trends of its neighbors. As the center of industry during WWII it also suffered lots of bombing and much of the cities beautiful buildings were destroyed. Today, modern skyscrapers compete with Gothic masterpieces, each of which stand in awe of the Alps that loom in the distance (on a clear day). In the 1950’s a Fashion revolution emerged from Milan, one that continues to this day. The city is the world’s fashion design and business Zeitgeist. Home to Armani, Versace, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana, Milan is the cutting edge when it comes to fashion, and a must for fashion interns globally.


    What to expect from the Milan Internship Program

    Offering an array of exciting opportunities for internships in fashion, advertising, hospitality and sports management. Following acceptance, all of our interns are given extensive one-on-one Career Services training to best prepare them for their internship. Our award-winning Strengths-Finder Assessment provides interns with the tools they need to work and live in Milan with confidence. Each of our advisors have lived and traveled all over the world, and are eager to mentor you from application to departure.


    Why Intern Abroad

    Why Intern in Abroad

    Program Dates & Fees

    Milan 12 weeks (Spring 2015

    Start Date: 1/4/2015

    USD Cost: $8,990

    Milan 8 weeks (Summer 2015)

    Start Date: 05/24/2015

    USD Cost: $7,990

    Milan 12 weeks (Fall 2015

    Start Date: 8/30/2014

    USD Cost: $8,990

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    Milan Intern Testimonials

    "Coming to a different country has been extremely eye-opening and a rewarding experience. Before GE, Italy was not a place I would have ever considered living in because of the language barrier, but this adventure taught me how to overcome that and be more driven."
    Fashion / University of Missouri-Columbia
    I was constantly surprised and amazed by Italy's excitingly unique culture and lifestyle.
    Caroline T.
    University of Colorado - Boulder / Architecture
    I would strongly urge anyone who is considering something similar to do it, as it can be a life changing experience and if it is anything like mine. You will enjoy every minute, make many new friends and learn a new language as well.
    Emily M.
    UNLV / Marketing
    Global Experiences was great in facilitating my placement, providing an opportunity I would not have found otherwise.
    Antonello M.
    The Ohio State University / Marketing
    I experienced what it is like to be part of the Italian professional world, which provided me with incomparable knowledge and skills.
    Isabel T.
    Georgetown University / Law
    Global Experiences allows for an amazing experience in a foreign country, you meet amazing people and you gain valuable work experience.
    Anitha U.
    Indiana University Bloomington / Fashion Business

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    Our comprehensive Milan program includes all the important things you’ll want or need out of an internship provider including career development, housing, 24/7 support from staff, and much more.


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    Visit our internships section for examples of internships in Milan from a variety of different industry sectors.



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    By completing three easy steps you will be on your way to an amazing internship experience in Milan that will give you an edge in your career!


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