Florence Internships Overview

    A fashion, art history, and culinary capitol of the world, Florence is a must for Interns looking for a true internship experience in these fields. Take a step back in time, soak in Renaissance-era art & architecture, and sample the delicacies of Tuscan Cuisine with a Global Experiences Internship in Florence. In the summer Global Experiences hosts Project Moda, an innovative Fashion show, allowing Fashion Interns from all our European programs the opportunity to create their own brand, marketing and fashion designs and present them on a runways in Florence, to a panel of fashion industry insiders. From an internship perspective, Florence offers unparalleled opportunities for fashion internship, museum and gallery internship, and art history, along with business, marketing, and hospitality internships.

    Florence is Global Experiences flagship international internship location and our city team have been placing and hosting interns for over ten years, sharing their experience of living and working in Florence, taking time to introduce you to all the nooks and crannies that make Florence such a magical city.


    About Florence

    When one thinks of the Italian Renaissance, images of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli musing in the hills of Tuscany immediately come to mind. Fittingly, Florence is known as “The Cradle of the Renaissance”, and the city still retains this charm and people liken it to walking through a living museum. This city is home to iconic architectural and cultural sites such as the Duomo de Firenze, the Palazzo Pitti, the home of Dante, the Piazzale degli Uffizi, and the Ponte Vecchio. The literal birth of Western Enlightenment happened in this very valley. Architectural masterpieces, artistic ingenuity, and culinary breakthrough’s, each of which affects our world to this day, all sprouted from the mountains of Northeastern Tuscany.


    What to expect from the Florence Internship Program

    Offering a wide-variety of internship opportunities ranging from fashion design internships to event planning to journalism internships, Florence is an idyllic place to dive into your passions, and gain a lasting international internship experience. Once accepted, all of our interns are giving extensive one-on-one Career Services training to best prepare them for their internship. Our award-winning Strengths-Finder Assessment provides interns with the tools they need to work and live in Florence with confidence. All of our advisors have traveled and lived internationally, and are eager to mentor our interns through the entire application process. We assist with the visa process, and our close ties with international embassies make us a reliable resource throughout the entirety of you experience.


    Why Intern Abroad

    Why Intern in Dublin, Ireland

    Program Dates & Fees

    Florence 12 weeks (Spring 2015)

    Start Date: 1/4/2015

    USD Cost: $8,990

    Italy: Florence 8 weeks (Summer 2015)

    Start Date: 05/24/2015

    USD Cost: $7,990

    Florence 12 weeks (Fall 2015)

    Start Date: 8/30/2015

    USD Cost: $8,990

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    Florence Intern Testimonials

    "I have grown drastically through my experience with the internship found through Global Experiences and through the advising of Global Experience staff. I came into the program as a hopeless art school graduate with little knowledge of how to market myself professionally or what my personal strengths really were, but I've left with a solid foundation to pave a career on from the resume and online presence workshops in addition to the killer presence this internship will have on my resume! Thanks again :)"
    Fine Arts / School of the Museum of Fine Arts
    My internship in Florence, Italy was absolutely amazing. I met some new lifetime friends from around the world, also gained new talents from my internship that will help me in my job market. I would not trade my experience for anything.
    Megan H.
    Fashion Design
    My internship was more than I ever could have hoped for. So many opportunities and learning experiences; Global Experiences helped me to grow in both professional and personal ways.
    Fashion Design
    It was worth every penny, for I have learned things that no one can teach you but yourself, and there is no better place to do so than half-way around the world, in Italy, doing what you do best.
    Fashion Design
    ...This is truly the best way to experience a foreign city. Not only do you improve your language skills and imbibe a brand new culture, but you also make lasting friends throughout the process. It is completely unforgettable!
    Advertising/Marketing/PR / Harvard University
    Choosing an internship with Global Experiences gave me more options within my legal career by providing me with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in an international legal setting, and the ability to perfect my Italian language skills.
    Kristen B.
    Villanova University / Law
    I would definitely recommend Global Experiences because they found me this very exceptional placement.
    Justin H.
    University of Wisconsin - Madison / Museums
    Global Experiences is a great program for people who need a change and want to discover new cultures and lifestyles.
    Francesca E.
    Catholic University of America / Graphic Design
    This was the best experience I have ever had. Coming to Italy has made an effect on my life, and will help me even further in my career as a fashion designer.
    LaDorian M.
    Marymount Manhattan College / Fashion Design
    I am now doing an internship not just to learn more about my field and make my resume stand out but also to learn from the way things get done in Italy, and to make even more new friends and to fill my brain instead of my notebooks.
    Ana S.
    Miami Dade College / Public Relations
    GE had the best of both worlds - a study abroad program where I'd learn the language and interviews for internships based upon my major and academic interests!
    Danni R.
    Virginia Tech / Journalism
    Global Experiences helped me get the internship I have always dreamed of! Living and working in Italy was a great learning experience.
    Jenifer R.
    Marymount University / Fashion Design
    Interning through Global Experiences has been a unique and rewarding experience. Today, while so many students are studying abroad, there are few who gain practical work experience that Global Experiences offers. As an intern for a tour operator in Florence, I gained experience booking clients in the office as well as leading tours throughout Italy and Europe! This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I would recommend to anyone.
    Kyle A.
    San Diego State University / Travel and Tourism

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    Our comprehensive program includes all the things you’ll need want for a successful internship including career development, housing, 24/7 support, social events and much more!


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    Review some of our internship examples from a variety of industries for a better understanding of what you could be doing in an internship in Florence.



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