Dublin Internships Overview

    Immerse yourself in the beautiful and historic capital city of Ireland with an 8 or 12 week internship in Dublin this summer, fall, or spring. Though it may be brimming with Irish culture and history, Dublin is very much an international city bustling with people from all over the world and featuring multinational companies offering terrific opportunities in entrepreneurship, marketing, non-profits, and law. Dublin is a fantastic city for both first time travelers and seasoned veterans, and is within close proximity to the rest of Europe for your weekend travels.

    An internship in Dublin is the perfect way to enjoy the undeniable magic of Ireland and pick up some new professional skills while you’re at it.

    Dublin is also the host city for the entrepreneurship focused Project Innovation summer program. Visit the Project Innovation page for more details on pricing, dates, and inclusions.

    About Dublin

    Many have been inspired by Ireland’s captivating culture and lush greenery including James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and George Bernard Shaw to name a few. Dublin is a unique mixture of both old and new with ancient castles alongside modern architecture, and colorful doorways on top of cobblestone streets. Once you experience the majesty of Dublin’s beauty, you will understand why so many artists, authors, and musicians have called it home.

    As a smaller European capital Dublin has enough city to make you feel like you’re immersed in an exciting, bustling town, but is quiet enough to not be overwhelming. The city’s young population creates a great fun culture, and Dublin is known for some of Europe’s best shopping.

    Why Intern Abroad

    Why Intern in Dublin, Ireland

    Program Dates & Fees

    Dublin 12 weeks (Spring 2015)

    Start Date: 1/10/2015

    USD Cost: $9,990

    Dublin 8 weeks (Summer 2015)

    Start Date: 6/14/2015

    USD Cost: $7,990 * Premium Housing

    Dublin 8 weeks (Summer 2015)

    Start Date: 6/6/2015

    USD Cost: $6,990

    Dublin 12 weeks (Fall 2015)

    Start Date: 9/26/2015

    USD Cost: $9,990

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    Dublin Intern Testimonials

    "It has strengthened my opinion of the importance of international experience. Not only does it help you stand out in the job market but it enhances your awareness of the world and the role one's own home country plays in it."
    Career Counseling / Sacramento State University
    Throughout my life I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Ireland, so when I found out I could get an internship and live there for a summer I did everything I could to make it happen. It's a great place to be and I felt at home almost immediately after my arrival.
    Kelly F.
    RIT / Communications
    The internship with Global Experiences helped me prepare for the future. It was great experience learning different fields and being in a new environment.
    Rosie F.
    Bloomsburg University / Business
    I am currently working as a graphic designer in Minnesota, and I can say that my internship had a large influence on being hired over my competition.
    Allison B.
    Saint Cloud State University / Graphic Design
    Global Experiences provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn about Irish culture by working and living in Dublin. I gained valuable work experience through my internship with an international development NGO, which encouraged me to pursue a Masters in Diplomacy and International Relations
    Colleen E.
    University of Wisconsin - Madison / Government and Politics
    I think employment abroad on a resume will impress any future employer for all the skills and personal experiences I have built on. I wish I were able to stay longer! 
    Jillian M.
    Stonehill College / Communications

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    Our Dublin program includes all the important things you’ll want or need out of an internship abroad including housing, social events, career development, 24/7 staff support, and much more!


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    Read about all the visa and academic requirements necessary to complete an internship in Dublin


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