Why Global Experiences?

There are many reasons you should go on a Global Experiences program but we have assembled a few here we believe are most important.

We know what we're doing!

Many years and thousands of participants have taught us a thing or two about international education and the needs of individuals abroad. Our programs and how we deliver them is the product of all of these experiences in addition to what we know of the local host cultures, the expectations of parents and advisors, and what goes into a successful experience abroad. No other organization provides the quality of program delivery, unique program structure, accountability, and selection of exciting international destinations than Global Experiences.

Experienced, Dedicated Team

We are a group of "do as I did" people, not "do as I say" posers. Every member of our team has lived, studied, or worked abroad. We have all been to college and experienced much of what you are probably experiencing now (we are envious of course!!). The truth is, if you are reading this now, we probably weren't much different to you. We will spend time to get to know each of you and your goals for the future to determine if a Global Experiences program is right for you.

We want to make you extraordinary

Our programs are all designed with one thing in mind....You. Of course we aim to provide a quality experience, to help you gain invaluable practical work experience, learn a language or how to teach English as a second language, but we are really focused on helping you become more exceptional through amazing opportunities to live, work and study abroad. Global Experiences alumni are extraordinary individuals who decided to take a leap of faith, opening doors to their future they may never have found otherwise.

We continue to enhance our programs every year

We generally add new programs and enhance existing ones every year. As the demands of global business and education continue to evolve so to does Global Experiences and the types and ways we facilitate our programs. We aim to provide experiences that will not only change your outlook and your opportunities, we do so by continuing to stay ahead of the curve in terms of what sets our participants apart.

How we stay ahead of the curve

Our international programs are often comprised of many moving parts and each part may be different depending on the participant’s needs. Through years of international customized program advising, Global Experiences has developed a process to take these unique personal qualities into account to create a seamless, unforgettable career development and cultural immersion experience for each participant.

  • The Global Marketplace – We regularly assess the competitive nature of the global marketplace, determining the best sites to match career experience, and explore new field opportunities on behalf of our participants.
  • Career Consultation – Our consultants will help define the best opportunity based on the academic background, skills and future goals of the participant. This includes foreign language needs assessment. Only after this step is complete do we create the complete internship experience.
  • Program Development – Once the program is customized, each participant receives extensive details for internship placements, housing details, program and institutional requirements, accreditation options, and is assisted through customs procedures.
  • Cultural Assimilation – We make traveling and living abroad easy. Pre-departure materials, cultural insights, interview and business tips, and details of what to expect once on the ground are shared and discussed with each participant based on their customized program.
  • Program Support – Participants have access to an on-ground network, supervision, and safety support during the internship experience if needed, but they are given the freedom to explore and grow both personally and professionally.
  • Assessment, Progress, and Feedback – Our framework is designed to monitor each participant before, during and after the internship, ensuring all parties receive the most out of the experience. This also ensures that we are able to monitor our track record efficiently.