Program Overview - International Internships

Global Experiences international internship programs provide invaluable practical work experience and skills training in a range of professional fields in many exciting global destinations. We aim to help our participants get an edge in life and serve as a springboard to their future by providing unique professional and personal experiences abroad.

Once accepted into one of our internship programs we immediately begin the process of matching each applicant with the best employer based on the location and career field of choice. We do not simply find the nearest employer for your career field but rather we take time to get to know you and your expectations for the future. This allows us to connect each applicant with the best possible internship, one that will provide valuable training, meeting industry contacts, and an amazing addition to your resume.

It is essential to differentiate yourself from the millions of other university graduates entering the workforce each year, not to mention the millions of others currently unemployed. Internships are nothing new but how Global Experiences offers (and guarantees) them is quite unique, especially in an international context. Global Experiences is very good at what it does. There is not another organization in the world that customizes internships to match the needs and expectations of each participant.

With thousands of past participants in our programs we have a growing global network of GE alumni who are moving on to exciting careers in business, fashion, politics, and a range of other sectors of the global economy. Through a number of social networking utilities, Global Experiences continues to provide value beyond your program experience by creating networking opportunities with other participants, many of which are working in your prospective career field or based in a location you could see yourself one day.

No matter what your career or personal goals are, there is no doubt a Global Experiences internship program will provide you an amazing cultural and professional experience as well as new perspective of what is possible for your future.