A Little of Our History

Global Experiences started when the internet was still in its infancy, long before Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and yes, even Google! Thankfully for us and all of you, the growth of the Internet and free sharing of information has changed all the rules. Opportunities for study, interning and teaching abroad is no longer exclusive to the wealthy or the well-connected.

The founders (and now team) of Global Experiences spent many years living, working and studying abroad, often without the support of an organization to assure them of great, safe and educational experiences. So an extraordinary concept was born, one that would open doors for young people to enrich their lives personally and enhance their futures professionally. We call it Global Experiences.

With an initial focus on teaching English programs, we began learning much more about the goals and aspirations of university students and young professionals, which prompted us to develop and become the world's premier provider of international internship programs. Seeing the world get smaller and more competitive through globalization, largely thanks to the Internet, we recognized the increasing need for young people to develop real skills while differentiating themselves from the millions of others entering the workforce each year. Internships were certainly not a new concept but the thought of moving to a foreign country, learning a language, and working for an foreign business was not exactly common 15 years ago! In fact, it is still not "common" today but again, the rules have changed and we at Global Experiences want to keep changing them!

As the interest in our programs has grown immensely since our inception so too has our team, a dedicated group of extraordinary people who have all traveled, worked, studied or lived abroad. As a result, we can all say "do as I did, not do as I say". With thousands of alumni having benefited participating we are always adding former participants to our team, both in the US and on location.

Global Experiences will continue to grow, offer more and unique international education and professional development programs. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and provide amazing experiences for young people abroad. Though this page is dedicated to our history, if you have some ideas that might contribute to our future, we encourage you to contact us.