Health & Safety

Global Experiences is committed to providing a safe, healthy learning environment for each of its program participants. In each of our global destinations students can connect with support staff 24 hours a day. Global Experiences voluntarily complies with the health & safety guidelines set forth by NAFSA as they apply to the programs we offer.


Global Experiences recognizes the importance of students making informed decisions about overseas travel (even if they themselves don’t fully appreciate it!). Global Experiences regularly monitors safety and security in each program location and advises students of any risks, whether safety or health related that would potentially affect them. The information we act on is based upon the recommendations from the U.S. Department of State’s travel warnings, local law enforcement in our overseas destinations, NAFSA, NACE and the World Health Organization.

Global Experiences has created an Emergency Response plan in each location to be implemented in the case of an emergency. This would be carried out by our on ground personnel.


Emergency Contacts

Participants are required to designate a parent or guardian as the emergency contact on their online application. This way Global Experiences can contact this person easily in the event of a situation.

Communication Information

As important as an emergency contact is, it is also imperative that Global Experiences has the most updated contact information (phone, mobile, email, address) so that the participant can also easily be contacted in a situation.


Participants should keep family others informed of travel plans! Making sure that a roommate, parents, ground staff knows of plans to go somewhere while abroad is a good rule; this way in the event of an emergency participant’s can easily be contacted.

Keep Updated

Participants should know about the destination where they are traveling. Although Global Experiences offers programs in stable, safe countries, it is still a good idea to regularly read local papers, watch local news, and be informed of anything that may affect their health and safety. We will keep participants updated on any information that may affect their welfare. Our extensive pre-departure material is also a good source of information for preparation.

Global Experiences has set forth standards of behavior that we expect students to uphold while participating in one of our programs. These can be found in our terms and conditions which participants are required to sign when applying.