Welcome Employers

Are you interested in hosting a highly motivated and ambitious intern, pre-screened according to your needs and expectations? Since 2001 Global Experiences has provided professional work experience to thousands of students and recent graduates, many are now leaders in their fields around the world. Global Experiences offers employers the chance to leverage the power of an internship program in their workplace through our no cost internship placement service.

With tens of thousands of inquires to our website each year we attract the best and the brightest of young professionals seeking to enhance their resumes and skills through participation in a Global Experiences internship program. Interns often work for little or no compensation in exchange for gaining valuable work experience and skills development in their career field. Many receive academic or Co-op credit for their programs while others are seeking valuable on the job training and practical experience.

Internship programs for college and university students are increasingly common at major companies and for good reason. Young professionals bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to hosting organizations. Interns can play an invaluable role in a firm's efforts to explore new initiatives or new markets through additional language or unique skills.

Our process of working with both applicants and partner employers ensures that both parties achieve their goals while companies have one less task to worry about. We recruit and screen applicants, matching employers with the most suitable interns based on the skill sets and expectations of both parties.

Students also benefit from gaining practical work experience and a "real world" business perspective. Employers actively seek recent graduates that have completed internships because these individuals have acquired preliminary training and have used their academic learning in a practical setting which refines their skills. Those that have participated in an international internship have also demonstrated initiative, independence and confidence living and working in a new culture without the usual support network they may have at home.