What can you expect from our interns?

Global Experiences interns come from a wide range of backgrounds and professional fields, but all have one thing in common, the willingness to live and work abroad to gain invaluable work experience in their chosen career field. The majority are between 20 to 30 years of age and are from English speaking countries, primarily the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We have a growing number of applicants from other countries who often provide a unique international perspective to many of our employers.

Most are in their final two years of studies, have recently graduated from university, or are young professionals already in the workforce. Some come with prior work experience in their field while others have completed targeted academic coursework. Global Experiences Interns are go-getters, individuals out to strengthen their skills in the global marketplace, interact with other cultures, and enjoy an amazing international experience in the process. All understand the value of immersing themselves in an international work environment to help differentiate them from the millions of others entering the employment market every year.

We understand that everyone has different needs and goals. That is why Global Experiences customizes international internships based on the personal and professional goals of each applicant while also helping prepare them for living and working in a foreign culture. To do that most effectively we first learn about each employer's expectation in order to provide an excellent match of intern to employer.

We screen applicants based on their resume, cover letter, phone interview and application form to ensure they are a good fit for our programs.