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  • Graffiti Wall

    Spotlight Alum: Kay Weninger

    When/what/where was your internship? How was it? I was part of the spring 2011 Internship Program in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. My internship was working for a non-for-profit organization in Manly, New South Wales, which is one of Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches. My internship was truly one […]

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  • Person Holding Hire Me Sign in Crowd

    Host Employer’s Intern Review

    [Dear Global Experiences:] Well, what can I say about Chris, he has been fantastic. The guys here [at our radio station in Dublin] are already saying, “What are we going to do when he’s gone?” He has fit in perfectly with everyone here and works […]

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  • Dublin

    Spotlight Alum: Molly Slattery

    When/what/where was your internship? How was it? My Global Experience internship was in the fall of 2009.  I moved to Dublin, Ireland to work for a company that consisted of three start-up businesses including a recruitment company, a liquidation company, and hair salons.  The internship […]

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  • My new best friend, Domenico Dolce

    Working Girl.

    Let me start by saying that I absolutely love this place. I love it. I’ll admit, I am disappointed that the internship is not directed at marketing like I thought it would be. It is definitely not what I plan on doing for a living. […]

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  • Leslie Pinero - Scotland Kilts (crop)

    Scotland, London and Bray, oh my!

    Just a head’s up, I know this blog is long but after the weekend of traveling I had, I felt like I’ve been out of Dublin for a whole week — best weekend during this whole experience BY FAR! And, I can’t help but add […]

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  • Jessica Korpacz - Presenting at Balcony TV (crop)

    ONE chance at ONE song for that ONE dream.

    An inside look at a broadcasting internship.

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  • Lindsey Anderson - photo2 (crop)

    Lucky #7, #22 and #32

    Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow, I have a phone interview with a law firm in Sevilla, Spain. For those of you wondering, yes, it’s in Spanish. Yikes. I speak Spanish, but having a conversation about the weather is one thing; interviewing for a job is […]

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  • How Do You Stack Up?

    What Sets You Apart?

    As the economy continues to sour and the unemployment outlook worsens, it is becoming more important to differentiate yourself from the millions of others entering the workforce each year and the countless others who have already been there for years. Let’s be frank. As a […]

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  • Italy_map

    Ever thought about a career in…

    Ever thought about a career in international education? Yeah, neither had I. At least not initially. My name is Pamela Ruiz, and I am the new Director of Operations for Global Experiences. And I am an Italophile. It started innocently enough – I was in […]

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