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  • VinceFlorence

    Vince’s Italian Culinary Adventure

    Culinary student Vince is interning in Florence this fall. What’s it like? What impact has it had?    My global experience here in Florence has been absolutely extraordinary. It is truly a beautiful city filled with so much culture and history. I have been here […]

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  • Internships – Not Just for Business Majors Anymore Wondering what you’re going to do with that liberal arts degree after graduation? Well, you’re not alone. There is good news for students of the humanities: International Internships. Indeed, budding psychologists, international relations professionals, graphic designers, fashion […]

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  • Things to Keep in Mind as you Prepare to Start your International Internship

    Things to Keep in Mind as you Prepare to Start your International Internship

    So you’re getting ready to start an international internship, congratulations! You’ve made the decision to make your resume stand out from the crowd by gaining international experience. Maybe you’ve had an internship at home, maybe this is your first internship, either way, as with any […]

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  • An Internship by Any Other Name…

    An Internship by Any Other Name…

    Ever wondered what the difference was between a practicum and a co-op? How about an apprenticeship, field experience or service learning? And what exactly is an externship anyways? Don’t be overwhelmed. Generally speaking, all of the above can be categorized under the umbrella term of […]

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