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  • Strengths_Italy_Melissa

    Why We Love (and Use) the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment

    We love the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. We’ve mentioned it in a few posts, we provide  it to all of our participants, and we even divided them into the Divergent factions. You know that we love the assessment, but we haven’t told you why we think […]

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  • international internships

    How To Make Your Resume Better in 6 Easy Steps

    Let’s be honest, creating a resume is a daunting task. It seems that everyone you speak to has a different opinion about formatting and what should be included in your resume.  Your resume is a reflection of you so it’s okay if it doesn’t fit […]

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  • internships abroad

    Lessons I Learned From Interning Abroad

    In January 1998, in the summer before my last semester of my BA degree in Political Science and Science and Technology Studies at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, I did a 3-month internship at the United Nations in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was […]

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  • medium_4625101819

    5 Reasons to Plan Ahead for Your Internship Abroad

    An internship abroad is a large investment into your time, your money, and your future. We’ve already told you about all the great benefits of doing an international internship, but we haven’t we discussed the great perks of planning ahead to travel abroad. 1. Cheaper Flights […]

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  • Dinner_Melissa_London

    5 Reasons You Should Not, Not Go Abroad

    Skimming through the archives of one of my go-to news sites, PolicyMic, I was aghast to come across an article that goes against everything I believe in: 5 Reasons College Students Should Not Study Abroad. At first glance I assumed this was a pressure point […]

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  • London_Intern_Working

    Top 4 Trends for Internships in 2014

    As the face of the workplace changes with the increase of college graduates, evolving technology, and use of social media  so will the nature of the internship. recently released a study of employers and students detailing the newest trends for internships in 2014. Below […]

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  • Graduation_caps

    What Should I Do With My Life?

    When I was four, I asked my mother to sign me up for princess lessons because my goal in life was to become a princess. I knew that you had to practice to be a professional so it only made sense that I start taking […]

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  • Internships in London, England

    5 Things To Do in London for Free

    You should never utter the phrase, “I’m bored” when interning in London. The city is full of great shows, pubs, restaurants, and cultural attractions. However, as any intern will tell you, all of those fantastic events and attractions can certainly add up when on a […]

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  • Jumping_london_GE

    Why Do An Internship Abroad?

    Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to travel more? Did you make a goal to improve your resume or learn a new skill? If so, why not do an internship abroad this year to meet your travel dreams and gain new professional skills in […]

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  • Image from Eastern Mountain Sports

    Holiday Wish List: Gifts for Your Internship Abroad

    The holidays are right around the corner and it is time to start planning your holiday wish list. Instead of the new Call of Duty or pair of UGGs ask your family for some of these travel must-haves to prepare for your internship abroad.  Don’t […]

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