The Internship Begins…

It’s been 3 weeks since I have updated, I was reminded at work of this, this week. I was sitting with my co-workers at the bar discussing my time here. I mentioned I had a blog describing my time here, and I was like oh… right that thing;  I should update.

Which brings me to the main topic of my blog for now on. My internship!

I have to make a note that my co-workers are so awesome. Only one is fluent in English; the rest can only say a few words and some nothing at all. Which is great for me, I am being forced to learn Italian. If I get stuck though my co-worker who speaks English will help me out. A few of my co-workers are very interested in learning English actually. So they will ask me how to say something in English, and I will ask for the Italian translation. Still… I can understand a lot more than I can speak. But being there makes me learn more, just by listening. Also my friend outside of work doesn’t speak much English, and he corrects me all the time. So between the two, I am getting better and better everyday.

I am enjoying my internship in costume design at the theater so far… but the hours sometimes are really late. For example I get out at 12:30am sometimes. Few days ago that happened. The opera is going on, so it’s not going to be like pulling teeth being there, but still… going to be rough. Especially when it takes me 30 mins to walk home. My friend thankfully said he would meet me to walk me home, the only catch was I had to go get a drink with him after I get out. Hard life here. When I first got to the internship we were working on the opera called “Tosca”  and few other little ballets; now we are working on “Anna Bolena,” which I must say the costumes are soooooo gorgeous. So we prepare costumes for them all. Some are sent in from other cities and we just have to adjust them to the singer, other costumes we have to make. I must say I have the best seat ever. We made some costumes for a ballet, and the male dancers came in for a fitting… right next to me. The men are different from the girls; the girls go into a private room to get fitted, the men? Well they just strip down right there in front of you, and I mean strip down to barely there underwear. These dancers? Yeah… they are young, very attractive, and have amazingly perfect bodies. I tried hard not to stare… but it was so hard. Being a blog and all I should stop about these dancers and talk about what I am doing in my internship. Also to note, I don’t write it down everyday since it would add that much more repetitiveness to my blog but my work is 2 miles away, so pretty much everyday to save time I run to work and back. I’ve been working out everyday and eating quite healthy too. So I am getting into great shape here. I don’t think my body has felt so good in a long time. I am really starting to notice the difference in it. I plan to keep this up once I am home too. …So skim on!

Day 43

The “Tosca” opera premiered this day. Also it was a observation day, so I pretty much sat around and watched everyone work. It was really boring and the time went by sooo slow. But it was really exciting to see the opera go on later in the day, see everyone get prepared and see how the show comes to life.

Day 44

Fix sleeves on jacket; shorten cap, arm hole; gusset added to armhole; cut strings for tail; put away Pinocchio costumes; label costumes; dress actors and actresses for “Tosca”; dressed the little kids in cardinal costumes.

Day 45

Hand sewed hem for chorus members; sewed conductors pants – whip stitch; sort clothing from the other ballet and label; sew tights; dress tenor and bass men for “Tosca”

I must say dressing the men was hilarious. They are little kids. They had an Ipad and thought it was the greatest thing. There was an app on it that had a bird that would record your voice and sing it back all weird, they could not get enough. Also beyond it being funny… it was sooo awkward. They just walked around naked. They had underwear on… but I hardly count it as such. I just stared up at the ceiling for the whole time pretty much, except when they would come talk to me… I had to look.

Day 46

Sew under trousers; fix seams; match socks; sew tights; put clothes in artist room; label socks.

During work my co-workers got into a argument. I tried to keep up on what they were saying, but they were talking so fast in Italian it was hard to. They were arguing about how many extra hours they have to work and the extra pay they don’t get. It was very intense and long.

Day 47

My Birthday!!  Me and a couple of friends went to a beautiful villa for a picnic. We walked around the grounds and sat on the ground and had nice little spread. We had cold pasta, strawberries, bread, etc. They also brought me a birthday cake! A match was forgotten but it was the sweetest thing still.

Day 48

The play “Tosca” was going on so I dressed the women’s choral members.

Day 49

Home! Finally a day off, so I did some much needed cleaning and relaxing. I felt like I had not gotten any sleep for ages.

Internship The Internship Begins… Seamstress

Day 50

Iron cravats; matched socks; check choral members costumes; check Pinocchio costumes.

Day 51

Fix and steam garments

Day 54

Remove sequins from garment.

Day 55

Gathered and stitched leotard for a ballet.

Day 57

Fitted ballerina men; mended chorus men costumes.

Day 59

Mended chorus members outfits; dart and label; fixed choral members outfits; label.

Day 60

Fix choral outfit; dart; hem; waist.

Day 61

Continue hem work; “Anna Bolena” run through.

Bar for the night

Day 63

Fix artist hat and hem choral white dress.

This day I had no power for a couple hours, only because it was my fault. I turned too many things on… my landlord had to come over and tell me where the switch to turn my power back on. Whoops.

Day 64

“Anna Bolena” late night

Day 66

Adjust length on choral arm outfit; attach cuff to armhole; “Anna Bolena” dress rehearsal; dressed women chorus.

Most of the time during “Anna Bolena” I sat around and listened to music. The women’s had only to get dressed once, so it can get kind of boring. But still enjoyable nonetheless.

Day 67

Fix choral hat; fix choral outfit – hook, reattach skirt; add tie to back piece.

Day 68

“Anna Bolena” late night.

Day 69

Fix choral outfits.

Day 70

Sequins on prima ballerina outfit; fix hem and rips.

Day 71

“Anna Bolena” late night.

Day 73

Sort artist clothing, steam ballerina outfit; check artist outfit; sew arms.

Out to dinner with co-workers; it was really enjoyable. It was a Spanish restaurant so we ate and some of us got up and danced. I, of course, had pineapple pizza… My co-workers just made fun of me the whole time. I thought it was quite delicious. I had a typical Tuscan dish for a first course though; it was some lean meat and fried bread with cheese. SO amazing.